The "I've Been Accepted/Did You Get an Offer?/Will I Get an Offer?/Admission Rounds" Megathread!

  1. I haven’t heard anything from universities regarding computer science programs. I have a 90 average based on 4 university level courses I have taken. I hope to get accepted into TMU. What are my chances of getting accepted into TMU for computer science?

  2. Anyone accepted to Queens Concurrent Education? If so, with what average? I’ve been accepted to all other programs/universities. Still waiting on Queens.

  3. Getting a bit worried as many of my friends have gotten aeo and I haven’t. Got into bmos pretty early. My average is 93.7 and have good ecs and essays ; deca vp, clubs, sports, work, peer tutor, etc. my status is awaiting decision. What are my chances?

  4. Got in with a 95 exactly and I fucked my interview so bad. I was stuttering constantly and even had a huge interruption. I know this might sound silly, but have you checked the website? I didn’t receive an email but I checked the website and I got in.

  5. Applied to Laurier BBA as an OUAC 105 student who previously studied Architectural Studies at CarletonU which is a very tough program. Wondering what my chances are as I know it’s hard to be a transfer student to BBA? (Marks above cutoff with solid ABS). Any help or past experience is greatly appreciated!

  6. hello can someone who has gotten into either uoft, mac, western for a life sci, health sci or general science down the biology pathway get accepted with either a summer school or nightschool course? Please help me out I am truly freaking out whether my non-day school courses are the reason I have not heard back.

  7. Summer school English and I still got lifesci at uoft with co op. (English is a prerequisite so if I got in then that means it doesn’t rlly matter)

  8. I have a 91% average and applied to b com Guelph real estate Co-op but haven’t got in yet. I also got an alternate offer for business management at Guelph. Was wondering if anyone got any offers for Co-op?

  9. There will be more offers sent out and if you applied to coop and got an alternative offer, you will be considered for coop at every round of offers till the end of May.

  10. I know it’s late but I wanna go to Laurier BBA. I have a bunch of ecs like a startup internship and varsity wrestling, and my average should be in the low 90s by the time I get my April report card for sem 2. Should I apply rn, would I be able to get in? Any advice would be appreciated.

  11. Idiots are running western admissions. I applied the day I got my pin (October 15th) to political science (with ivey aeo) and still haven’t gotten in (to poli sci). I had a 96 average as of semester one finals… and have had it since.

  12. idk when I got the offer, but york [email protected] Campus offers are out -- i assume recently because it hasn't been updated on ouac; $6,000 scholarship, 97.3% average, 101.

  13. York requested me to send in my semester 2 marks (US School System) which does not come out until May, will they assess my application or do I have to wait until then?

  14. guelphs rounds are longer, looks like the current one is mid-march to early april, and the final one is late april to mid may, based on what i see on their site.

  15. Do I still have a shot at TrackOne Eng at UofT in early May if they’ve given me an offer for my alternate program (ECE)?

  16. I got accepted into the Laurentian MScN - Advanced Practice Nursing in January. My GPA in the last 4 years of my undergrad were 2.98 and my last two was 3.06.

  17. You can accept an offer for a nursing program on ontariocolleges and OUAC at the same time without it effecting one another or any future offers, right?

  18. I got in with a 92.5% midterm but I would like to say I have strong ECs. Wish you the best, you’ve got this!

  19. I would say you have a pretty good chance. I have the same average as you but I made sure my supp app was strong enough, so if you feel confident about your supp app, you’ll prolly get in for the future rounds.

  20. Is it a positive sign that my status changed from assessment in progress to awaiting decision or does it not really mean anything. It changed around the time I got accepted into BMOS a few days ago.

  21. I wish but sadly that just means they viewed your supp app and contacted your references and are just waiting to see if they want to accept you. I have the same status so hope for the best ◡̈

  22. IIRC the minimum average is a 93% so you’d have to have a very strong supp app, even if you had a 94 or even 95

  23. my UTSG Engineering application is finally "under review", when can I expect a decision for 105D EngSci?

  24. I'm an international student, 4th year math at Queens, have a not good not bad 3.32 GPA, applying for MEng in Canada rn. I applied for 8 programs (some of them are MASc), but the best offers I want to get are MEng in Mechanical engineering or Aerospace at UofT, and Mechanical at UW. Right now I only got mechanical at Queens which is not my ideal choice.

  25. I was accepted to U of T for mathematical and physical sciences, based off of that, do I have a decent chance at Waterloo Math? Is it harder to get into U of T or Waterloo for math?

  26. Any 101 applicants get into Mac eng? If so, what avg and how did you guys think you performed on supp app?

  27. got in on the 10th with a 97, still waiting for physics n calc midterms. Pretty average supp app, i remember i did kinda eh on one question but rlly good on the other :)

  28. The average on the websites are usually on the very low end. The average for AFM is probably low-mid 90s. It's not impossible though, the AIF really matters a lot.

  29. Do u guys think I will be able to get into Mac kin with a 94 as an ouac 105 applicant, I saw some ppl getting in w the same mark as me but 101 idk what's going on.

  30. Low chance but work on getting it to 87 ish, because cutoff and conditional is around 85 I think

  31. hi! i got into western bmos a few days ago, but i also applied to ivey. how do i know if i got in ivey? i checked my application status for ivey at and it says "awaiting decision" (before it said "assessment in progress"); does this mean that i got in ivey as well? or will i get a separate email about that?

  32. hii! I also applied to Ivey and I have the same status. im pretty sure that just means that they have reviewed your application already but no decision has been made yet. also, I’m sure Ivey sends emails to let you know if you got in so we just gotta keep waiting ◡̈

  33. I did really poorly in grade 11 however my marks improved in grade 12, i’m worried universities won’t accept me. Will i still have a chance

  34. Universities don't reject based on grade 11 marks. They just wait till they have your second semester midterm grades.

  35. got into western science, carleton biology, waterloo biomedical science, york biomedical science, and tmu biomedical science. my average was 87 and i was predicted 35 ib points

  36. Guys I’m getting really impatient bc my friend who applied to waterloo health sci non co-op (>80 avg) got in but I only applied to co-op n I’ll prolly not get in with ~91… which health/life sci schools do you think I CAN get in w a ~91?

  37. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to get in my extracurriculars were kinda average and my interview was not very good but I guess anything can happen 😅

  38. it’ll be on your transcript, whether or not they consider it is up to them (pretty sure they do not care) but uft and loo does.

  39. Did anyone get into Mac iBioMed or Mac CS this year... like 101 Applicant. Just got into Mac Eng. Also Anybody get into McGill Electrical, Waterloo Biomed, or UofT trackOne as a 101 student. Please comment with average and how u think supp app went.

  40. I got into Mac CS, and McGill chemical eng, 97.5% avg, terrible supp apps. Waterloo and UofT have not done their March rounds yet; so no 101 has any offers atm (outside if they got in early for UofT in feburary or are 105)

  41. I'm a 105 student with a 94% average. I applied in November and turned in Midterms in mid February. What are my chances of getting into Guelph for Ecology or Waterloo for Environmental Science?

  42. right now i have around a 86.5 average and i’m pretty sure at midterm i’ll get hopefully a 88 or 89 only thing is my midterms come out april 6, if i don’t get in now will i have a chance of getting in then? i also did my supp app and i think it was pretty good. for mac business btw

  43. Yea I wouldn’t stress, second round comes out in early may so, just focus on getting that average a little higher

  44. Ontario tech isn’t popular here it seems haha. I just got into the RPN to RN BScN bridging program. 105 I don’t know my average but I upgraded with some specialty nursing courses after getting screwed over in the PN program. Congrats everyone!

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