Ontario education workers set to strike Friday despite new law making it illegal

  1. Unhinged, or more likely a conservative staffer. Imagine getting mad at people making poverty wages fighting for better sick benefits and more than a 0.60c/hr wage increase.

  2. Every union should strike when they try to block them from doing so. It’s their right to do so. These tactics are going too far

  3. Ford could have given these workers a fair deal and kept schools open for way less money than it those stupid $200 payments he just announced.

  4. Ford is the one holding your kids hostage, not the unions. They are demanding fairer wages AND investments that will improve children’s learning environments. It’s ford and lecce and this government of arseholes who are sitting on our money and refusing to spend it on us.

  5. Just curious, how much do you get to make as a conservative staffer performing psyops functions?

  6. There's a lot more at stake now than just money. If you don't see that I can't help you here. The erosion of education is worse than you imagine and it's NOT bc of the people that work in the education system. You say you don't have answers then don't be ignorant. Talk to the people who will, the people that work with the children. Union rights matter, people's rights matter. What the gov't is doing is unconscionable. Again, if you don't see that, I can't help you. We've all been through enough. Full stop.

  7. The reason that so many people are struggling is because workers rights have been slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) chipped away at by governments for the last 40 years. This is a collective struggle: a win for the Education Workers is a win for all unions and all workers. Conversely, a loss for the Education Workers will have lasting negative consequences for the labour movement as a whole.

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