get got an offer for cs at laurier

  1. Can I ask what uni did you apply to? And how do you research about each uni, do you ask your guidance counselor to tell you which school you should apply to? (i'm grade 11 btw)

  2. i applied to western, queens, guelph, carleton, laurier, york and mcmaster, it may seem like a lot but i was really scared of getting rejected. and i did not apply to uoft or waterloo because i heard it’s pretty stressful there and i cannot see myself going there anyways. research about what program interests you then look into the unis and what i first researched was their admission requirements and cut offs and estimated that with my averages. i’ve also went to the univeristy fair that happened in toronto and ask those unis questions about their campus life coop and etc. i didn’t really ask my guidance for any help expect to like add or drop an course that i didn’t need and stuff that’s basically it, let me know if you have any other questions

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