if i drop a course right now, will it show on my transcript

  1. If you drop the course before the drop date (Differs by school so ask your school when his drop date is), it would not show on your transcript for uni admission. After the drop date, you cannot drop any course and it will show up on your transcript. If you drop it before the drop date and retake the course again whether it be in a private school or at your home school, your mark for your dropped course will not show on your transcript and there is no indication on you uni application that you retook the course.

  2. our math teacher said he had to drop it before midterms but others are saying that we just have to drop it before the drop date, do you know which would be correct?

  3. my school has november 20th as the official last day to drop courses, but november 18th to guarantee that they don't show up on your midterms. if you're in grade 11 dw about it just drop the course and retake it next semester or something. as always, ask ur guidance counsellor bc all schools are different. just tell him to show up to guidance sometime when it's not busy (like 20 minutes before school starts) and talk to his counsellor.

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