How much does grade 11 really matter?

  1. the foundation you do build in grade 11 is important. building study habits and actually caring for school is crucial. but honestly, enjoy grade 11 because grade 12 can be a total bitch

  2. Literally take Grade 11 serious, A lot of universities look at your grade 11 marks and it’s easier to get a spot in uni w grade 11 marks that way you won’t be wait listed and offered an alternative program than what you want.

  3. No matter what, I would say grade 11 matters. Not only in regards to marks but the habits you build and the extracurriculars you join. It's a great time to implement yourself into your school community and begin getting involved. Try your best and goodluck! It might seem hard but the year goes by fast and before you know it, you'll be applying for post-secondary next year! :D

  4. Unless ur doing early acceptance or for certain programs, idt grade 11 marks rlly matter. I think that learning the right habits and skills to succeed before grade 12 is good though.

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