AMA: 2nd Year Architectural Engineering Student at Waterloo

  1. I had an avg of 98.4 if I remember correctly, I did have two spares tho as I did some g12 courses in g11.

  2. AE combines architecture, civil, and enviro into one program. Although it is very niche (focusing mainly on buildings), there is a huge market for us. Most of my friends didn't struggle with finding co-ops as there are hundreds of construction projects happening all the time. It is a really fun program and we only have about 80 people in our cohort, making it easy to make long-term friends.

  3. I focused on my strengths and wrote them in a way that made me stand out. I actually started working on my AIF when I was in grade 11 (u don't need to do this obv) but it gave me A LOT of time to improve to submit the best version of my AIF. I think I had about 20 people edit my AIF before I submitted it in January. Let me know if you want to look at some of my AIF answers.

  4. Well, I actually applied to Architectural Engineering and Ryerson didn't offer that program. I only applied to two programs: Arch eng at Carleton and at Waterloo.

  5. congrats on your co-op! kinda unrelated but what are your favourite (or most effective and efficient) studying techniques?

  6. I use so many different techniques to study, but doing practice questions is probably the most effective. For one of my classes last semester, I learned the whole course material in a week with a TA by doing the practice questions and understanding the content. I ended that class with a 88, which was insane as I learned everything in a week. Although I don't recommend learning a whole course a week before exams, it just goes to show that one can do well by understanding the content and doing practice questions. Try you best to understand the content you are being taught :)

  7. Hi! I'm currently considering applying for this program, but I've heard stuff about it being a relatively new program, so it's a bit unorganized: is this true? Would you say that AE being a new program at this uni has led you to any disadvantages compared to other engineering & architecture students? Also, from what you know, how easy is it to find a job after graduating from this program? Does it pay well?

  8. Hey! Only one course in my first year was a bit unorganized. It was only unorganized because the profs were lol, not the content itself. There are virtually no disadvantages, in fact, AE is a really good program to study as there are a lot of job opportunities. you get your own studio, desk, and have a small cohort who you can get to know really well We have a lot of group projects and collaborative components in our program, which I really like as, in the real world, you need to be able to work with others to design/build/manage projects. Also, the profs and TAs are all amazing. They truly want you to succeed and I have had many 1-on-1 sessions with TAs and profs for help in my courses. Everyone's there to help and make sure you do your best!

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