Should I take Grade 11 Biology?

  1. If you don’t want to do engineering or comp Sci I’d switch physics for bio. You’re not eligible for any life sciences/health science program without bio . I’m at a life sciences program right now having never took physics in highschool

  2. 3 sciences is not that manageable on top of other mandatory courses like math and English. It's best if op focuses on either bio (life/health sci) or physic (eng) and chem and only take all 3 if op does not know which path to take yet. Also french is definitely not bird there's load of French hw to do, needs a lot of time to learn the different conjugation of verbs and has listening and speaking which isn't people's cup of tea. It's only bird if you are super good in french.

  3. Well health sciences is out of picture unless you take Biology in Grade 11. So I wouldn't hedge that bet. Can always NOT take Bio in grade 12 if you feel that isn't where you are going.

  4. Mostly depends on which program you're going for after high school, but I would recommend taking it just in case if you want to keep all your doors open. I didn't find it to be too heavy, and neither did my friend who just finished up with the course this past June. Plus, I think it's actually super fun, and was probably my favourite grade 11 course.

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