Learning Curve from Grade 10 Math to Grade 11 Functions

  1. He’s exaggerating and not exaggerating. In my opinion, Grade 11 Functions was the hardest course I took in all of high school, just because of the difficulty jump. Advanced Functions is literally just Functions continued and Calculus never get like a massive difficulty jump. That being said, my opinion is skewed because I did AP 11 Functions where I had to do Grade 12 Trig.

  2. Grade 10 to grade 11 math is definitely a significant jump. Things go a lot faster and a lot more content is thrown at you. That being said, it’s definitely doable. You just need to have good study habits and ask for help when needed. I was like you and ended grade 10 math with a 100%. But, in grade 11, my final mark was in the low 90s (can’t remember exactly, but I think it was around a 91-92). A lot of peoples grades tend to drop in grade 11 math, and that is completely okay! That being said, the jump from grade 11 to grade 12 math is not nearly as bad. It is comparable to the jump from grade 9 to 10 math. So just remember that it’s okay if your mark drops in grade 11, just make sure you understand the content because chances are it’ll go back up in grade 12. I hope this helped! Good luck:)

  3. I’m on unit 4 in functions and the difficulty jump hasn’t been that much, I’m having trouble getting anything over 90-95 on tests though

  4. I had 11u functions last semester, I just felt like it was expanding on everything from grade 10. My mark actually went from a 90 to a 97. If you have a 100 you’ll definitely be fine. Can’t speak for grade 12 though

  5. There’s definitely a noticeable jump between grade 10 and 11 math, but the difficulty differs depending on the person and their ability/efforts. I did awful in grade 10 and got mid 90s grade 11. The hardest part of grade 11 math is the trig in my opinion.

  6. To be honest, your teacher is right. Different ppl at different school might have different opinions but I realized that there’s a huge difference between 10 and 11, then 11 and 12. In gr 10 I spend 15 mins doing hw and get almost perfects. In gr 11 I spend 1 hr doing hw and get almost perfect. In gr12 I spend hrs and still make quite a few mistakes and the concepts take WAY longer for you to familiarize (unless you’re talented I guess).

  7. I would say the jump isn’t too big but you definetly have to be ready and keep up with all the practice and stuff. I got a 100 in grade 9 and 10 but dropped a little to 98 when I got to 3D trig in grade 11 functions. Grade 12 functions was easier imo since I got 100 again. Calculus is also pretty difficult. I would rank the maths from hardest to easiest with functions11>calculus> data management>functions12>grade 9/10 math.

  8. For the most part, there definitely is a big jump between 10 math and 11 functions because the course moves fast and you start to exclusively focus on functions and analyzing their graphs, so the workload can build up quick. However since you're already very good at math, there's no doubt that you will do just fine in functions so don't stress it. Advanced functions in grade 12 actually felt like a bigger jump to me then grade 10 to 11, but it may be because of the whole online school thing.

  9. late to reply but it is a pretty big jump. Like others have said grade 11 functions was far harder than any other math. It's because I learned a lot of new things quickly (partly because of quadmesters. In grade 10 you learn parabolas then unit 1 functions you learn like 8 different functions, and how to graph them, etc. Like your teacher said, factoring is extremely important for ANY math you do in high school. I got a really good mark, but the course was so much more stressful than calculus and advanced functions. I think you should be fine, because if you do the homework and keep up to date, you can achieve a 100% again. Just be ready to learn a lot of new stuff, and use function notation (instead of y = x, we use f(x) = x)

  10. G10 -> G11 is probably the biggest math jump in high school but imo it really isn't a problem for students that get 100 (such as yourself), because you either 1. learn more advanced math already on your free time or 2. have a good work ethic. As long as you keep doing those you will just fine. I think most people that struggle are those that could always coast and get 80s or sometimes even low 90s but the courses punish you more severely if you don't understand a previous unit so they get lower marks than previous years.

  11. Personally, functions is kicking my ass. I had a 97 in gr 10 and now have a 60? maybe? might be lower after my last test. To be fair I have not done one homework question or spent a minute studying all semester (didn't in gr 10 either) but If you were someone who hasn't had to put in effort before you probably will in gr 11.

  12. I’m actually in g11 functions right now. I can’t speak with full experience because I’m only half way done the course. but yeah, it’s tough.

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