So I just watched a lot of Limmy's Show clips and had an idea.

  1. Well if you throw them at each other the steal will beat the feathers each day its not a problem of weight its a problem of mass

  2. the problem is that the verb "weigh" can refer to either measuring mass or weight. If the question was "which has more weight", then you'd be correct 100% of the time. But since generally people use units for mass, and weighing instruments show mass, it'd make more sense if "weigh" in this context implied measuring mass.

  3. No it’s not. Both the kilogram of feather and steel have the same mass and weight the only things that are different are the density and volume.

  4. What i am referring to is how much of it's weight is in a single cubic meter with the one that has overall a lower number of cubic meters having an advantage for reasons anyone familiar with fourth grade science knows and in the first place it doesn't need much science to answer this question

  5. If we’re talking punches here, the steel would still win because no matter how many there are, feathers ain’t stopping steel coming at it at 100mph.

  6. Steel is denser than feathers, so if I drop a kg of feathers on your balls they'll survive at least, a kg of steel on the other hand....

  7. A kilo of steel actually is heavier when you account for buoyancy. A pound of steel weighs the same as a pound of feathers, but since kilogram is a unit of mass rather than weight it makes a difference.

  8. Didn't know who that was so I decided to Google the guy and damn that is a similar hair. Also if you actually don't know where the hair is from it's Blast's.

  9. You can destroy the feathers easier than the steel. Getting smacked by a kg of feathers feels kinda nice. While steel will kill you

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