[Meme] Garou likes combo attacks

  1. I admire Garou's ability to deliver just enough force to keep the guy suspended right there, instead of yeeting him right off the bat in the anime.

  2. Garou would get diagnosed, and the doctors would tell him it’s terminal. Garou’s condition would steadily worsen over the next few months, until one day, the cancer miraculously disappears. The doctors, shocked, ask Garou what happened. Garou smiles, and says “it had the advantage at first, but I saw through its moves.”

  3. I unironically love the sound of these hits. Not all sound effects in season 2 are good but there are times where they just nail how heavy and hard some of the attacks are.

  4. I don't care what anyone says, Kakyoin was a fucking menace to deal with in HFTF, when the only tip I got to counter him was to play Hol Horse or Pet Shop.

  5. This gives me time to appreciate that Garou is drawn with an effective punching stance so he can drive power up from his feet spring with his knees etc. I wonder, do the animators hire martial artist and boxers to help them? Or do they do it themselves, or just watch martial artist and draw what they see?

  6. Please tell me it’s season 2 and not season 3, I didn’t watch more than 3 episodes of the disgusting animation of season 2

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