Trying to talk to Saitama downplayers be like

  1. Hijacking top comment to say Kyle Hill did a video just yesterday about saitama and his amazing feats regarding jupiter

  2. Got a question fo u. Whoots heeviar? A killogramme of steehl ohr a killogramme of feathars? Thaats reight it’s a killogramme of steehl caus steehl iz heaviar than feathars

  3. It isn't about weight but the viscosity of the planet. Sneezing away a ton of gas is easier than half of ton of solid metal.

  4. These guys would be terrified to learn that clouds on Earth weight million of tons on average, and the only reason they are not "crashing" is because they are extremely disperse (0.5 gram per cubic meter) and falling constantly, getting lifted by upward wind time to time.

  5. If you try to put that kind of logic to that particular scene, please explain, how much lung capacity Saitama has, so he can:

  6. I don't get why you'd be into One Punch Man if you have this mindset of wanting to donwplay Saitama. The entire point of OPM is that he's ridiculously overpowered with literally no one coming close. If you want well balanced power scaling go find something else.

  7. The premise of the entire character according to ONE is "new game plus", where the protagonist is already the strongest thing in the universe at the start of the series instead of gradually getting there by the end. He was stronger than peak Garou when he fought vaccine man. The graph, like every other clumsy attempt characters in the series use to try and rationalize Saitama's impossible strength, was just in Garou's head, or the narrator's head.

  8. He can have balanced fights but after a couple minutes he’ll just surpass his opponent and they will be nothing against him. Man is actually cursed with never having a good fight no matter what

  9. Neither ONE or Murata do, otherwise they wouldn’t be drawing someone propelling himself with a fart a 6 times lightspeed, you know lightspeed? it’s a universal constant that can’t be overcome.

  10. I like when they scale him punching trough dimensions and kick hyperspace portals as "non physicall interaction"

  11. Not really, that fight with gorou made that a lie, Saitama has a limit, but he can grow past that limit, but if he doesn't have teh stimulus he won't, so that means someone strong enough can one shot him.

  12. Is there a character more anti-wanked than Saitama? It's hard to think of a character that YouTube power scalers seem to have such an issue with accepting.

  13. Lol dude, I swear NASA could make a lot of money from YouTube or TikTok making a video reading out anime power scaler comments and reacting to them

  14. Why do people downplay Saitama. The show is literally called One Punch Man. he’s never not going to be as strong as he needs to be for plot.

  15. Being narratively held back is a concept people don’t understand. It’s like… we always knew Saitama could destroy Earth but what situation narratively calls for him to do so lol? I don’t think any rational person needed the last 7 years to be convinced of what was known.

  16. He's not a gag character. A gag character wouldn't go through the stuff that saitama does. They wouldn't have a crisis over being much more powerful than anyone. Like the final chapter of the boros fight, the scene of saitama walking away from boros is heavy. He just found an opponent that can withstand some punches, but was still defeated easily. A gag wouldn't be so down over it. They would be like, "whatever," and leave. Sure, there are some gag like moments, but that's just to show how powerful saitama is rather than it coming out of nowhere for comedic effect. One has said that the whole point of saiatama'a character is that he's is essentially starting from the end of his journey strength wise at the beginning. He's a max level character at the start.

  17. Bro jupiter is a failed star, it's dense af. It probably 1000x more dense at it's solid core than the entirity of earth.

  18. I've seen People claim it only erased the light coming from that direction, or somehow created a black hole there that blocks out the light.

  19. Man i just sub to this for years so I can get notified when a new chapter drops, basically everything else on this sub (apart from some fan colors) is straight garbage.

  20. Me everytime i read or hear people making bible-sized arguments about saitama's power...He's the strongest being there will ever be in the story. Why do they try to complicate it?

  21. While he blasted a wave in the atmosphere that reached down to its core, it’s likely that the raised-up gas flopped back around and down again, pulled back into place by gravity. It may have rings now, though, from whatever leading edge got far enough out to settle into orbit.

  22. honestly he's strong and it's cool that's why i like the show, im not really gonna do the math to prove he's beat goku or anything like that.

  23. I didn't bring up Goku or anyone else. I just find it silly that people say Saitama isn't strong enough to destroy the planet.

  24. Mostly gas yeah but isnt there also a sea of sulfur or something, point being, its not just gas there's other stuff too

  25. Just to throw this out there powerscalers generally measure planet busting in terms of the energy required to overcome the gravitational constant binding energy of a planet in Joules.

  26. Yeah he didn’t hurt Jupiter really just kinda puffed the gas away a bit. Source: I dropped out of biology 2 in college

  27. Powerscalers are the worst part of the anime Fandom, especially the Twitter scalers they just be spouting a bunch of nonsense and people agree with it.

  28. He didn’t destroy Jupiter, he just blew the gas cloud blanketing the entire planet away. We can clearly see it’s highly dense sphere of dark matter intact at its core.

  29. Pay attention, he blew the gas away but the iron core is intact, saying he destroyed jupiter is a bit much

  30. Again, that gas has over 300 times more mass than all of planet earth (or more than twice the mass of every other planet in the solar system combined) and takes up a volume of hundreds of times earth's. And calling it "just air" is very ignorant since Jupiter's gas is over 1000 times denser than air. So Saitama instantly dispersed hundreds of times more mass than all of earth while it was under a gravity field far greater than earth's. And Saitama did the sneeze from hundreds of millions of miles away from Jupiter. If Saitama did that sneeze on planet earth, then earth is getting obliterated. If you unironically think this attack is "tornado level" I really don't know what to say.

  31. The serious punch squared feat was the absolute first thing Saitama did when he got serious, so he couldn't have evolved significantly from main timeline self, if at all.

  32. how did the sneeze not kick him out of orbit then, realistically a sneeze powerful enough to destroy jupiter should have enough kinetic energy to slingshot him out of the solar system (no i am not seriously complaining about muh accuracy, it was just a thoguht)

  33. He jerked his whole body in the opposite direction to balance the inertia. ( I am not serious about the accuracy of this as well. )

  34. I am the only one who remembers that the clash between saitama's and garou's punches destroied a portion of the universe? Hundres of billions of Galaxyes disappeared in an istant

  35. Jupiter is 300 times more heavier than earth, but jupter is 4x less more denser than earth because it is made up of gas

  36. Jupiter being made up of gas is irrelevant because again, that gas has over 300 times more mass than earth and the shockwave of Saitama’s sneeze could engulf the entire planet hundreds of times over.

  37. He didn't destroy Jupiter, he disrupted the gases and exposed the diamond core. This entire premise is silly

  38. People aren't going to like this but I believe Saitama has his old strength back before he fought Garou. there are a few hints about this and as long as the English translations are close to what the raw meant I find it hard to believe he didn't.

  39. Moving gas, even a planet's amount of mass of it, is different from planet busting. Overcoming the Gravitational Binding Energy takes a lot more energy for something of identical mass to destroy if that other thing isn't a planet.

  40. To be fair Jupiter has a lower density Than earth so it is indeed a weaker feat to destroy it than earth, but considering he did it with a sneeze I would still call it fair game to say that this is a planetary feat at least

  41. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but you can’t cherrypick reality like that to defend an argument.

  42. No one is denying that this is physically impossible, but that doesn't mean just throw away basic common sense all together.

  43. Yeah that's a really stupid argument. He sneezed half of Jupiter away. He picked up the entire crust of Io. He can easily destroy planets.

  44. Do people really take these talks that seriously? That is like Dr. Slump's Arale is stronger than Vegeta in Dragonball Super. It's a gag manga character that will be as strong as needed.

  45. Totally eandom, but don't gas giants also have solid cores, or even a surface under the gas? ( I mean it makes sense) so Saitama sneeze blew out its core as well as all the gas.

  46. That's not how the physics of it work either though, is it? To talk about destroying something you don't just take into account mass and size.

  47. They always bring up King Vegeta destroying 3 small planets by “just raising his hand”. That’s still smaller feat since those planets are much lighter than Jupiter’s gas

  48. Idk the scale of damage but to say the mass has meaning isn't a major detail. It's wrong to say it's not planetbusting, but it's pretty easy to get carried away with powersclaing it.

  49. I'm actually kinda curious how much mass the actually displaced gas represents. It represented a relatively small amount and I assume metallic hydrogen is denser than gas by a lot. Is this a few dozen earths?

  50. About half way through the comic, I thought: "But Jupiter is made of gas" and then it dawned on me that at that moment, I was the Patrick.

  51. I don't understand why it's even an argument. He's a joke character, he's exactly as strong as the comedic content requires him to be at any time. If the writers thought it would be funny he'd be playing table tennis with galaxy superclusters, then back to sparring with genos in the next scene.

  52. Srs saitama would be minimum multi solar system lvl imo. Let's forget Jupiter fr a sec. Did people forget how destructive serious punch squared was

  53. Because he did 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every single day for 3 years. Duh

  54. Its harder to move jupiter gas than it is to move the earth because of its high density and mass and gravity and it was just a sneeze he did by accident imagine a punch on purpose

  55. I don’t understand arguing about Saitama when his power is overpowering anyone he faces. This discussion was over at the synopsis. I don’t get his power entirely, but it is what it is. Move on. This is so stupid and can’t believe people have time to argue this nonsense.

  56. Fun fact: Jupiter's atmosphere is 302 times earth mass. Saitama blew up half of it, so he could destroy 151 earths at once...... with a sneeze.

  57. Bruuhhhhhhhhh No one is talking about that Saitama didn't destroyed Jupiter It was a moon of Jupiter. Not a single person is saying that. This whole meme becomes wrong because a moon is way smaller than earth but still I would say not only planet Saitama is at least star buster level.

  58. I know it's a joke but for all the arguing folks and (mainly) because I'm bored, here's some perfectly inaccurate math/physics(Serious Series).

  59. To be was just to show the difference in power of Saitama from Boros fight..not to exactly demonstrate any particular feat of strength..

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