Shoutout to all the nakama who helped make r/OnePiece the biggest anime community on r/place!

  1. Every streamer literally mentioned it and couldn’t look away. It was one of the cleanest pieces on the canvas for sure.

  2. Does anyone know what the symbols under Roger are? They are pretty cool and I liked the fact that when they reached the Roger panel they turned gray as well

  3. It was very fun to defend our zones, and luckily every streamer that saw the One Piece zones avoided to nuke us. Imagine if OP was hated like MLP lol

  4. You know Oda did an outstanding job with the Roger panel when you put that for the entire world to see on a canvas full of every kind of stuff, even accurate replicas of famous art pieces, and it still catches everyone's attention.

  5. You should know every big streamer could not look away, say anything bad, or even destroy it. Even the ones who didn’t watch it or understand why people love One Piece. It was without a doubt one of the cleanest pieces on the entire canvas.

  6. So proud to be a part of this! Shoutouts to my fellow leaders in the Discord and of course to anyone who spent their time and pixels on making this.

  7. Forget "biggest anime community", outside of streamers and flags I think we were the biggest anything on

  8. Perhaps with the exception of Star wars, which had two giant pieces, and Germany which dominated with flags everywhere I think you're right

  9. Congrats nakama and Merci to our fellow French nakama!!! Long Live!!! See you in the Pirate's Summit!!!!

  10. our french streamers and COMMANDER Kamet0 are totaly behind one piece community until the end, etoiles and kamet0 said in stream : if one piece dies we are going to die with it. ONE PIECE x FRENCH COMMUNITY together we can do it !!

  11. As a member of the french community, I want to say thank you for all the support / help you give us during the defence of our area. Glad we were neighbours! Your pixel arts were nice af!

  12. Love from the community to the mod team. Thank you for working towards something so beautiful. Fellow discord nakama

  13. they kept giving her ass lines and tried to get rid of her clothes, and at one point they also tried to give her breasts it was so annoying

  14. I don't know who this "Roger" bloke is, but now that I've stared at him for a day and a half I may have to finally dive into this manga.

  15. Wealth, fame. power. The Pirate King Gold Roger had everything this world had to offer. On his death, he spoke the words that sent countless men out to sea. "My treasure? It's yours if you want it. I've left it all at that place." And so, men set sights on the Grand Line, in pursuit of their dreams, to find the Great Treasure One Piece.

  16. he's one of the best characters ever and he deserved to be immortalized like this (especially that specific panel with his laugh) i hope you give the manga a chance! Its worth it.

  17. I know Nami isn't there anymore, but if anything else is there, can we get a pinned thread where everything is?

  18. with all the heat that this community cops (mostly from ourselves) we really did show everyone what we can accomplish as nakama

  19. A big thanks to all the mods at one piece place discord including Mattie, mimsical, jerto, euphon, guyman, mugen, mints, hamalot and every other memeber who worked hard on this.

  20. Thank you all. One piece is loved by every one of us! This community has brought joy to my day many voyages over

  21. france is getting invaded by spain for gods sake PLEASE keep the louvre safe its my fav thing here. possibly jinx blue flare too

  22. I feel like it’s been a bit annoying seeing other anime fandoms make knee jerk reactions to recent chapters of One Piece. The last few days have shown me how much love simply exists for One Piece worldwide, I couldn’t ask for a better anime community to be a part of.

  23. It's not bots mate, most of them are alt accounts with default names. We are still placing tiles with hands, one by one. The thing that is helping us a layout to figure out where to place these tiles. It's still done manually.

  24. The battle is not over yet. Still trying my best to keep people from trying to make them hold up middle fingers.

  25. A big thanks to all the mods at one piece place discord including Mattie, mimsical, jerto, euphon, guyman, mugen, mints, hamalot and every other memeber who worked hard on this.

  26. Helping build and defend these pieces has been some of the most fun I've had on Reddit in the 10 years I've been using it! Thanks everyone!

  27. Hi Nakama! I love all y'all, even though theyre just pixels on a screen, those pixels just go to show how tightly-knit this community is and always will be! Wanted to throw this post on here to show my pride that I feel being part of this grand community Oda single-handedly created

  28. i was part of the roger clean up crew, it was hard battle especially when y'all went out to build the alabasta scene. i'm disappointed we didnt get to remove the sans eye and other dots...

  29. I'm proud of our work in the Sunny, not only it looked amazing, but with very limited pixels we managed to sneak in all the Straw Hats, including honoraries Vivi and Karoo, plus Carrot and Yamato. Also mini Merry

  30. I absolutely love One Piece. I'm only on episode 314, so im avoiding joining the subreddit for now because of spoilers, but this event was an amazing chance for me to step foot into this community, hope to join yall when I'm further in the anime!

  31. Hey guys, for anyone that was on the discord I'm Mr_incognito the dude who said we should make the Roger he laughed picture. So happy that everyone came together to complete it!

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