[Giveaway] Hey guys, few months ago I posted this Jolly Roger light I made, and I will pick in 24hr one random comment that will win this, covering all the costs. Gl!

  1. If I won the light I would feel like the dad in A Christmas Story and want to display that light in the window while my girlfriend complains about how I display it.

  2. Ah man that looks so nice, perfect for displaying and not looking like a weeb. I started watching one piece on October and im currently watching marine ford as im typing this. Me and my friend who is caught up have been having a hoot. Hope i win, good luck everyone!

  3. The work is really good did you do all of it yourself or were there parts that you bought the base of and you did the LED design?

  4. Thats absolutely amazing. Hopefully i win, but if not, hope you start selling em because id be highly interested!

  5. I see your work and giveaways all the time and they are incredibly awesome but I'm not usually part of the fan base so I just smile and move on. THIS is the one I would love to have! Keep doing you man I'm sure you're putting smiles on a lot of faces with your work!

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