Pretty sure I know what the first comment will be. Style. 1970’s

  1. That’s funny, I got my first gf in high school a week after my first “good” haircut. Seriously, I was crediting every romantic experience on my hair for years after that

  2. You go with the Farrah hair - you must have great hair! The gal on the right has got ridiculously fabulous Farrah hair :) I had jeans like that as a younger person- my big bell bottoms never seemed to get hemmed to the proper length so I would get the tattered threads and bits around the bottom - was always in issue with snow, because some fairly large snowballs would form on those strips of bell bottom haha!

  3. It looks like Jackie picking on Laurie which is quite timid and that's probably because she did someting bad, there is a thick plot going on here. Kelso will be in trouble.

  4. Saw them go out of style, come back, go out of style and I think they're back again. They're a little different each time. These are the original.

  5. I miss the way People dressed in the 70s! I lived in upstate Vermont during the early 70s and it was flower power all the way. It was fantastic. I still have some of the hippie clothes my mom made for her and my dad.

  6. I'm doubly disappointed that someone made the joke before me and that it's not more appreciated than it is.

  7. I was expecting a Charlie’s Angels reference. “Kelly and Jill always went to the car while Sabrina finished writing a check” or somesuch.

  8. I recently bought a couple of pairs like this at Target. Not quite so tight in the crotchular area, but high waisted and fitted, with loose legs.

  9. I can’t believe we used to wear our clothes that tight. Ugh. I had Farrah Fawcet hair too. I thought I was so cool.

  10. What always fascinates me is that the jeans were tight, but they never looked like overstuffed sausages with muffin tops. Like, it all just fits.

  11. Well, obesity wasn’t rampant and aerobics and workout studios were just coming in to fashion. 40 years later trends have shifted and people are encouraged to stay home, eat large portions and accept their bodies for being delightfully plump.

  12. Buying milk at a 7-11 is not a sound financial decision, it's ridiculously over priced. I guess I could see getting one in an emergency but to purchase 4 is dumb.

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