Women grocery shopping un the 1960s.

  1. I grew up in the 60's and there were women at the Sprouse Ritz or Albertsons with curlers in there hair, but they would always have a scarf wrapped around their head, and more than likely they would be wearing stretch pants and a shirt with buttons. You don't want to have to pull your top, or dress off over your rollers, nor do you want to comb out your hair over a nice dress. As for the dress, no one would wear a Lily Pulitzer dress to the grocery store, unless they were grabbing something on the way to a garden club meeting, and that wouldn't happen in rollers.

  2. Unless the Junior League in your part of Florida was having a meeting at 6:00 sharp, and these ladies were shopping to make their hors d’ourves

  3. You could get scripts for Dexies and black beauties (methamphetamine) to fight the flab. The Dexies were in green/white capsules and the beauties were in black capsules.

  4. My nan bless her went out like this. I'm not sure when she ever took her curlers out. They went in her hair after washing it, stayed in while she went to the shop and she slept in them! Curlers must of been the actual hairstyle.

  5. It was the 1960s that big poofy hair did not happen by itself It wasn't enough time in the day to do your hair and go shopping so, there was some overlap

  6. Aqua Net and backcombing, darling. My mom would rather have had her fingernails torn out than go out in public with curlers in her hair..

  7. Knew someone else would notice that too. Punching the triangle hole in the can with the bottle opener/can puncher was it's own reward as a kid..

  8. Cool - This is still how Trader Joe’s is laid out. Freezers at waist level, shelf-stable stuff on top. And I don’t get the curlers in public thing. The women in my family would NEVER be seen like that. My grandma put in full makeup and hair for everything!

  9. My (silent generation) mother would have been horrified by this picture. To her, only "certain kinds of women" (think white trash) went out in public with their curlers in.

  10. "Don't send him off with your hair still in curlers..you may not see him again...cause wives should always be lovers too".......!!!!

  11. The image was taken by Abigail Heyman (1942-2013), a feminist photographer. The left side has been cropped. I don’t remember ever shopping in curlers, even wearing a scarf, at that time.

  12. An actual photo taken by her, unstaged, in 1972. There's an entire collection and it's a fantastic step back into history.

  13. "I find it hard to look at you, Wynette. With all those curlers in your hair, you look like you're tryin' to pick up a radio station in Savannah."

  14. My mother always had a scarf around her curlers. She wouldn’t be caught dead outside in curlers with no scarf - the horrors!

  15. My brother and I use to make zip guns with rubber band, aluminum or paper towel rolls and our moms spongy pink? curlers for the ammo.

  16. Being seen in public with rollers - especially without covering them with a scarf - was considered truly gauche at our house. LOL

  17. Generally speaking everyone took exceptional care in how they looked when they went out back then. It was one of the cultural norms of a bygone era

  18. I love this because so many men idolize women of the 1960s for being “effortlessly” beautiful. They were putting significantly more effort into their appearance than the average woman does now. It took time, money, effort, and they were walking around in curlers during the day. They had way more social pressure to be attractive and they put way more effort into it. Women drawing eye brows on didn’t start in the 2020s, neither did manicures and eye lashes.

  19. The first scene of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is a great and funny take on this expectation. She gets up way before her husband in order to bathe, brush her teeth and do her makeup, only to crawl into bed beside him and act like she woke up at the same time.

  20. Do you mean men today idolize women of the 60's? Because they sure didn't then. I was there, as a child, but we had eyes and ears, and TV. Women were treated like 2nd class citizens. Even my father who "believed in women's lib" made the rules at our house. There was no romance for women and children in the 1960's.

  21. … At Kroger. You can see the logo on the house brands. I mean, I’m willing to be wrong, but it sure looks like the Kroger logo. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. Odd to think that these women, who built the war machines that blew the rest of the industrialized world to hell, that paved the way to high enough wages for their men to have single income households so quickly abandoned their independence and felt comfortable wearing curlers to a grocery store knowing that no man would ever step foot in there...

  23. Nice to see the club crackers box hasn't changed. My dad usually gets those for like soup and chili in the winter. He was born in 1956.

  24. My grandma always had curlers in, all day long. She’s gone now, but adult me wants to ask her like girl! When are the curls for?

  25. I still remember the “shopping in curlers” thing in the ‘80s and very early ‘90s. My mother wouldn’t have been caught dead doing it and I thought it was bizarre even as a kid.

  26. I remember my grandmas wearing rollers, but I never understood why ladies would go out in public with them still in their hair. Wasn't the idea to make your hair nice? Lol

  27. Hello, Mrs Thing, Hello, Mrs Entity... How are you then?.... Oh, I have had a morning...Busy?.. Busy - huh! I got up at five o'dock, I made myself a cup of tea, I looked out of the window. Well, by then I was so worn out I had to come and have a sit-down. I've been here for seven hours.

  28. Wait, they went out in their curlers? So were the curlers the fashion or did they come out for a special occasions or at another point in the day? I’m sorry if that’s dumb I’m just confused.

  29. They had to leave them in all day, so the curls would set by evening. They would take them out just before the only people who counted, their husbands, got home.

  30. It's 6oclock I'm the morning, I'm yawning, I put the rollers in my hair, and I don't care, I'm bout to kill them, kill them

  31. Obviously a set up photo. Every women i have ever known would never leave the house with curlers in their hair.

  32. I grew up in the 60s, I can tell you, a woman wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house looking like that. At the very least the head would be covered with a large scarf. I've seen this picture posted before and I believe it's some kind of publicity stunt. I don't remember for what.

  33. Yep. The hair being done was for a different part of the day…like when husbands got home, oh for different errands, meeting with people, etc. The grocery store then was basically a women’s club.

  34. In the 1960s, few men would be grocery shopping in the morning. Bachelors shopped after work, and married men didn’t shop at all (their wives shopped).

  35. I’ve always wondered about how they had the time to do those elaborate hairdos, I guess this is when they set their hair . Multitasking.

  36. If you wore curlers in public you were known as a 'curler fink'. We counted them, accompanied by licking our thumb, rubbing it in our opposite palm, and smacking the palm with our fist. This was the same time as counting VWs as Punch Buggies.

  37. These ladies look fine to me. Have you been to the grocery store lately? Spend some time checking out the customers at your local WallyWorld Super Store the next time you visit ...

  38. Some went out in rollers however, it wasn't looked on very well by other women at times. Covering your curlers was preferred IF you had to go out. It had to do with being modest. Most of us didn't venture out until our hair was in place. LOL

  39. Literally remember not too long ago someone on some local new site in the UK raging that she saw someone in their PJs and dressing gown going shopping. Wanna show them this.

  40. Oh good. An picture from this time period that shows women were not the perfect example of classy femininity even then.

  41. That was considered trashy back then. Watch the Stepford Wives, then knew how to do it right.

  42. People get upset about college kids going to class in pajama pants but they forget about this era.

  43. As this generation got older they still wore curlers to the grocery store. I never understood it. You're out. Why not take them out first?

  44. Women put curlers in their wet hair after they washed it and it would take all day long for it to dry, because they didn’t have blow dryers. Usually they would wrap a silk scarf around their head when out running errands.

  45. It amazes me that women were willing to go out in public with rollers in their hair just so they could look good for the spouse when he got home. Ugh.

  46. Life was simple. Money went far. Middle class was well off. I grew up in the 60s. Everyone got along. Blacks in school were treated well not different. They assimilated like asians still do. No clue what happened later on in life. They became broken or angry.

  47. I just spit water out my nose. They were good for the white men, the women being abused, children being raised by ptsd post war fathers, and the black children being lynched would argue otherwise. Black women didn’t even gain the right to vote until the 1970s and marital rape wasn’t against the law in most states until the 1990s. Anyone idolizing the 1960s were people who benefited from the shitty treatment of others. Go ask a black friend if they’d like to go back to the 1960s, they’ll laugh at you. (Let’s be real, you probably don’t have black friends).

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