Prince enjoying his lollipop instead of singing “We are the World” with the others. -1995

  1. Called prince's bluff right there. Quincy was going to Tootsie pop owl that whole thing then Price would just be standing there with a stick

  2. I seem to recall he wouldn't participate in the recording because of a "feud" he had with Michael Jackson.

  3. That wasn’t the issue as much as he didn’t want to do a group song. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote the song, but Prince would have gotten as much spotlight singing as MJ had he done the song.

  4. I wonder if it had anything to do with the JW thing. They're supposed to be "in the world, not of the world" so maybe singing we ARE the world bumped up against that concept in a way he was uncomfortable with. I have no idea, just a thought I found interesting.

  5. I can’t remember which comedian said it but I love the joke “America has such an obesity problem because in the 80s a bunch of European artists sang ‘feed the world’ and then a bunch of American artists sang ‘we are the world’

  6. I love that he didn't expect Quincy Jones to call his bluff and go for the lollipop. Get to see the act fall just for a minute when he laughs.

  7. Riding around on his bike inviting people to the afterparty -- there was no afterparty, dammit!!! He just enjoyed pranking people.

  8. Prince and James Brown are my two idols and they were so similar. Both had mothers who abandoned them , had hard fathers, and worked there bands to death with relentless rehearsals and fines for messing up.

  9. The Go-Go’s have told a story where he asked to come back stage and just sat there, not talking or anything, so they just ignored him

  10. Well, they lined up a bunch of celebrities to sing this song, pretty much, twisting arms as demanding they be there. Raised a bunch of money, pissing away most of it in the process, and Africa is still Africa. So, Prince is I the right here.

  11. Quincy Jones does go to lick it... but I think artists like Prince are fascinating because they get to show us a way to be that is not exactly socially acceptable in the regular business world. Their business is to be different, and we are actively seeking that as consumers. I digress tho, he is an asshole -- just a fascinating one, too.

  12. Yes, you really shouldn't offer candy and retract it at the last second like that. It messes with people's blood sugar and can result in seizure, migraine and/or dead.

  13. I currently feel the same way about the Gov Abbot of Texas is a piss baby. I hate the guy, but won't repeat that same stupid joke like a parrot.

  14. honestly if i were prince at that moment, i'd probably do the same thing. being shoehorned into a performance of a song created by your "competitor", forced onstage by your manager or higher-ups at another boring music awards show to sing a hokey song. and to top it all off Quincy Jones comes over and sticks a mic in your face to get you to sing. F that, you're getting a popsicle. I get it.

  15. The reason Prince did this is because he didn’t want to have anything to do with “We are the World”. If you remember, he was not was not in the video. The song was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, they wrote a verse for Prince to sing, but he refused to do it. Prince hated the song. This was at the height of the Michael Jackson vs. Prince rivalry. Michael was willing to put the rivalry aside for the cause, but Prince wasn’t willing to do that. Instead, he recorded and offered a solo recording “4 The Tears in Your Eyes” for the charitable album. That’s why he wasn’t singing and didn’t take the mike, Prince hated the song and didn’t want to have anything to do with it

  16. You're looking at an artist who is in the middle of a label fued, that will send Shockwaves when it comes to artists own publishing rights.

  17. He just didn't like the song... And Quincy Jones is fucking awesome. If you haven't seen the documentary about him "Quincy" I HIGHLY reccommend. One of the most fascinating and unbelievably hardworking humans on earth to this day.

  18. Typical Minnesotan ...just there doing his own thing, someone bothers him, and he offers them food from his own mouth.

  19. Like, he was so flamboyant. How tf was he straight and super homophobic, at least after becoming a Jehovah's witness.

  20. This dude came off so gay then has the nerve to say he won’t sing with Michael cause the lyrics sounded gay. Lmao.

  21. There was a reason behind the lollipop. Had to do with Prince always wanting explicit control over anything where he was recorded. I can’t remember the rest of the story…

  22. Little known tidbit about this is that he didn't have to sing after winning a bet by beating everybody in a game of basketball earlier in the evening. In return, he cooked them pancakes afterward.

  23. I have seen that on Cappelle’s Show, told by Murphy’s brother. Always wondered if it actually happened. It always sounded like one of those So Crazy It Could Be True things.

  24. I see alot of people saying he was a dick, I think it was just something else... My buddies dad would tune up princes in house studio from time to time. Background on my buddies dad, hes that, now 60, year old dude with sandles on, and just really engaged in conversations, a really wholesome and funny dude. He had nothing but amazing things to say about prince, including that prince would kindly ask him to keep it down when he was excited on the phone (which sometimes involved colorful language)

  25. I still enjoy hearing each line of the song sung by a different iconic artist. I don't think there is anything like it and it's fun to guess who is singing when.

  26. Its sociologically amazing watching the public flip on someone just instantly. Yesterday, beautiful influential inspirational guitarist, dedicated to his art, we all miss him. Today, a wordless stunt during a song recording that no one even listens to unless you're being forced to at a public event, now he's a piece of shit.

  27. Wasn't this the height of his beef with the record company? In context, it makes complete sense. Taylor Swift is doing something similar right now and everyone is rooting for her. An artist's art should belong to them more than others.

  28. Such a Prince move. Like what did he expect when he was invited? He accepted the invite. I’m sure it was planned either to be funny or some sort of message. Or just to be a legend and be different.

  29. Sorry, but I think the man was extremely pretentious and overrated. I know he had insane amounts of talent and success and that he was a music icon, but I can't remember ever wanting to listen to his music beyond maybe one or two songs at most every some number of years, and even then, I wouldn't listen to them very often. Every now and again, I might think of one of his songs, blow the dust off it, and then after listening to it a few times, forget about it again and not remember it until after a few years. I guess his music just never really did it for me.

  30. So he accepted an invitation to perform at a charity event and then took the stage and just didn't perform. Seems like a real fuck you to the charity. Why'd he do this?

  31. Let’s be honest here, Prince was a dick. He’s very talented and I love his music but every interview I’ve ever seen of him, he’s just a dick

  32. Via 2 degrees of separation I was told they were often lollipops containing mdma. If true this makes it a lot funnier

  33. He was a super talented musician but also a weird and mean little man. Total dick move in this clip, even if you don’t like the song have some respect for the other musicians on stage with you. I really can’t stand divas.

  34. Prince was many things. Talented, intelligent, creative, artistic, even visionary. But first and foremost, he was an asshole. An epic, world-class, narcissistic asshole. And whatever he did, whatever project he was involved with, that always came through.

  35. Prince was definitely weird. That was a part of the charm. Also, this guy stacked more hits than Michael Jackson, and wrote so many songs that other artists scored big on. He had a vocal range that remains unmatched in music, to this day. He could go from super deep bass to ear-bleeding tenor in half a breath. He played all of his own instruments, too.

  36. I respect your opinion. We all should respect others taste. I feel that way about Elvis . Thought he was a talentless thief that stole from black culture and messed with underage girls.

  37. He was a god of a guitarist with 40 hits in the Top 100. His music might not be your thing, but he was a legend.

  38. Agree. I concede that he was a very talented artist and absolutely brilliant on guitar. However I think his music is absolutely horrible. Don't understand the praise he gets here.

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