The Eagles on a boat shortly before they sued the fuck out of each other and mostly became enemies for life. 1978.

  1. There is a very interesting 2 part documentary on these guys on netflix, the history of the eagles. Worth a watch even if you aren't a big fan.

  2. Mmmm...I see it is only available on Amazon if you subscribe to Qello. How I miss the old days on Prime where musical concerts and documentaries were actually part of the subscription before they started piecemealing out everything to these addon subscriptions.

  3. I read the Don Felder autobiography and really that Netflix special made Glenn and Don look more like the dickheads they were than Felder ever did. Felder was pretty nice to them, looked up to them as being way better song writers and who carried the group through all the years. That Netflix docu was brutal in my opinion.

  4. What Don Henley done is worse than you can even fuckin imagine mate! That’s the one thing I won’t talk about.

  5. Well, Bernie Leadon is no longer there, Felder, Meisner. Those guys are gone. Leadon left in '75 so this pic is not from 1978. Meisner in 77.

  6. Glenn Frey hated Felder and they never reconciled after Henley and Frey kicked Felder out the final time. Felder didn't attend Frey's funeral but all the current Eagles did. The documentary goes into their beef at length.

  7. Well, despite all the drama - I still like the Eagles. Although it’s rare I listen to them any more. Kinda burned out on classic rock.

  8. I felt the same about classic rock until I realized Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Alice In Chains, and the like are now all considered classic rock. I'm happy that the music I grew up with is getting played again, but sad I'm old enough for it to have made that category.

  9. Could anyone explain to me exactly what happened? Was it just years of resentment between Frey and Felder eventually coming to a head, or was there more to it?

  10. I've known of and heard their music all my life; had the greatest hits CD in middle school, watched Hell Freezes Over multiple times. And I could not identify a single person in this picture. If you said it was my dad and his high school buddies I'd buy it.

  11. Here is a fun true story that I like to tell. I had a good friend (now deceased) who worked as an undercover narc posing as an on tour bodyguard for the Eagles in the mid 70s. Seems that some drug dealers at the time were smuggling cocaine into the US through army bases. One of the main dealers also supplied the Eagles with their cocaine. My friend worked as their body guard to collect evidence about the operation. Because it involved army bases it became a CIA/FBI matter. He said they fucking hated each other and were all miserable drug addicts. After each show my friend took them to their hotel rooms and they didn't even talk to each other.

  12. This photo is from Cameron Crowe’s 1975 article about the band. This was when the Eagles finally made the cover of the Rolling Stone.

  13. Fuck the memes; The Eagles are a great band. Amazing songwriting, incredible voices, awesome harmonization, excellent musicians.

  14. I saw that in a documentary! Steve Martin, the comedian, said he was at a club in LA that all those folks hung out at in the early 70s and Glenn Frey told him he wanted to start a band called “Eagles”. Martin said “The Eagles”? No, just “Eagles” said Frey. Sounds incredibly stupid but….

  15. Well, it was really just Glenn Frey and Don Henley that became enemies for life with Don Felder. Frey and Henley were/are massive assholes and unapologetically egotistic. They treated everyone else in the band like their employees instead of their friends and that left a lot of sour feelings, especially with Felder because they screwed him out of a lot of money. He comes across as a diva but the other two definitely don't make themselves look better. Henley talks shit about Walsh all the time but Walsh doesn't care as long as he's getting paid.

  16. I just listened to podcast the other day where they mention that the above band is simply named, “Eagles”, not “The Eagles”, and I can’t unthink about it.

  17. Vince Gill plays with them since Glen Frey died. He was a guest on Cory Wong's podcast and he made some eye rolling remarks about Don and his eagles rules. Not super hot takes, but Vince is a gentleman and it says something about Don that even Vince Gill can't pretend to actually like him. He all but said he doesn't enjoy playing with them and it's a paycheck.

  18. All I can see is that long stick the two on the left are holding. Just kidding! But seriously, look how the four arms of those two chairs all line up perfectly to crest that stick.

  19. Uh this is more like 1974. Bernie Leadon is still there. Only one person sued, that was Don Felder because Glenn and Don broke their original contract with him. Settled out of court for a hefty sum I'm sure. What a stupid contract they made in the beginning, to evenly split the proceeds with each band member. Everyone knows there is one or two of them who will write 80% of the songs. Bad business decision on Glenn and Don's part and they paid for it.

  20. Glenn and Don realized this mistake and for the resumption, it made sense for them to restructure the financial arrangements and pay policy.

  21. Because Henley will not be in the same room with him. He can't stand even hearing Felder's name. So until he kicks the bucket that's not happening. Henley wouldn't even allow Felder to be on stage with them when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  22. That would be very disrespectful to Glenn's family and I don't think that Deacon would feel comfortable with, let alone appreciate, sharing a stage with an angry ex-member who had unfairly denigrated his late father.

  23. Worst band ever. That boat should have sunk, and they could have been the aquatic version of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  24. Then they figured out they could go on tour together, with other people doing the heavy lifting on the concert, and make more than the lawsuits.

  25. Business and friends don’t mix … so you need to separate the two … I used to do business with a very close friend. We both sat down one day and basically said … “when it comes to business I’m looking out for my best interest and I understand you are too. We can disagree on business and then go play a game of Madden together as friends.” Not holding any grudges for the decisions either of us made business wise allowed us to retain our close friendship even when we disagreed on things, which was not often. But setting boundaries before this kinda thing happens is a must. Friendship is far more important than money. Guaranteed.

  26. Part of old school cool is making pre google statements with confidence. It’s up to us to correct data, colorize and be amazed.

  27. I always like the Eagles but never looked into anything about them. Their live album Hell Freezes Over or whatever title makes sense to me now lol

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