The first Mcdonald's in Worcester - 1964 vs. 2021

  1. Same location? You'd think they'd make it an extra special looking mcdonalds, or keep the classic look or something.

  2. Same location! According to older locals, it has been through at least 4 renovations in over 5 decades.

  3. I used to live by one that did keeo the classic design with some upgrades (for code enforcement likely.) Looks similar to the one in the first picture.

  4. IIRC all the fast food places now look the same because the property is easier to sell and reconfigure if they ever leave.

  5. Exactly. That layout would be so much fun. They should make a shrine there or something. A million dollar McDonald’s restaurant with upscale versions of their most popular items (and all of the classic fast food items too!). It should feel like a special day when you dine at the first McDonald’s.

  6. Why? Thousands of McDonalds looked like that, and nearly all of them renovated to look more “modern”. Why would this one be an exception?

  7. IIRC this is usually due to zoning ordinances, towns make them look generic and boxy so the property can be reused if they ever leave.

  8. I seem to remember the sign saying "millions and millions sold" in the '70s but maybe I'm remembering wrong. I really don't think so, though. I remember being amazed that there could be millions and millions as a quantity of something.

  9. Outsiders: “War-chest-er” People who pretend to be local: “Wooster” Real locals: “Wistah”

  10. I’ve literally just watched Founder today and then come across this post of an original McDonald’s franchise build .

  11. I was curious: did they say if the arches were the cheapest way to build them? Or where the logo came from? I’ve recently come across Pole-built buildings where the essential structure is in the initial poles put into the ground. Just wondering if the architecture influenced the logo possibly ? Anyone know?

  12. Yeah from what I've read it's pretty accurate. Ray Crook really did swindle McDonald's right from under the brothers

  13. Why is all modern architecture made to look depressing? I think the 50s style would look great even today.

  14. I don’t think this is the first location. I thought the first one was in Illinois. This place is in MA. I saw the first one in Illinois and they made it a bigger deal. I think it was recently remodeled but I can’t say for sure since I’m not from that area

  15. And howdy burger at the same time, with a big sign that looked very similar and used to say 15 cents per Burger. This was in Southern New Hampshire they were not far from each other the first McDonald's was just down the road and is still on the same location

  16. Hey that old arch can still be seen by where I grew up in Magnolia NJ. It’s like one of a few left that are still standing single arches!

  17. In case anyone was confused like I was until I really had a good look and worked it out, this McDonalds in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. It's not the original cathedral city of Worcester in England.

  18. This just blows my mind. My dad was 15 at the time. He didn’t grow up with McDonald’s as a usual, normal part of life. It was and still is, a luxury to him.

  19. You think since it’s the first they’d want to keep its classic look, modernize the inside according to safety code but keep the outside looking old

  20. I just drove by a McDonald's that is a modern interpretation of this design earlier today.. Coincidence In seeing this posted ....

  21. Over one billion solid by 1964. It’s 2021, perhaps they should update that number now. It’ll just sound much cooler if the sign said, “Over a hundred billion sold.”

  22. I haven't eaten McDonald's in a long time but it probably hasn't changed much. In the sixties McDonald's used 100% beef in the and the fries were cooked in beef fat. Maybe not healthier but everything tasted better. All the food there now is highly processed quasi-food, I'd be surprised if it were even 10% real food. The burgers then were like expensive free range beef is now. In the fifty years plus they've been around McDonald's has engineered the food to condition people to settle for dull tasteless food. The crap they sell now in no way resembles what it once was. Try to make your own McDonald's at home using all natural and fresh ingredients and you'll get some idea of what it was like.

  23. When I was a kid, we would sit by the side window and watch them make French fries. Fun times when you’re 8 years old.

  24. My local McDonald's was just like that into the early '70s (I think the building was another chain b4). No indoor seating. It later expanded into the mid 1970s version with McDonald's type indoor seating and then expanded again in the '90s. Last I heard the building is the modern version.

  25. It went from having a lot of character to having zero character. What a shame. You'd never even know it was a "special" McDonald's at all.

  26. My grandmother was at one of if not the first one that opened in San Bernardino CA. It looked identical to the first picture. I have an article from the paper that they talked about the youths hanging out there or something like that. I’d have to dig it out to find the exact words but my grandmother said she was one of the youths and she talked to the reporter when he was writing the article.

  27. There's a great history channel series called Foods That Built America that depicts how these early places developed, creation of the assembly line. There were some insane feuds between corporate rivals. All their business practices are now considered illegal lol

  28. I love the nostalgia of the original building. In Portland Oregon, they turned it into a museum of sorts… oh never mind, they tore it down :(

  29. McDonald’s website says the first McDonald’s was in Des Plaines Illinois, opened in 1955. One billion burgers in nine years is pretty hefty, also I believe this seems to be a different location

  30. My posts are usually about Worcester, MA and the surrounding area since I have access to so many historical images to my locale. I would love for someone local to the one you mention to post something like this.

  31. funny how the fence in the back magically turned into a street, and the building next door / across the road has completely changed in design despite being the same size and shape, huh?

  32. The fence is gone because the McDonald’s expanded - the original three decker next door was demolished. The building in the background is clearly a newer build. I know what you’re trying to imply, but this is the same exact location, although the McDonald’s has also been rebuilt.

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