Soon to be B1G members: UCLA and USC are both 5-0 currently.

  1. Good comp over there. UCLA had some good recruiting classes and USC has just been underperforming for years. We get some more teams on the west coast than we can have a real east and west division.

  2. Good. Maybe the west can finally be relevant. I had high hopes for Minnesota but I guess that's done

  3. Eventually with SC, Ore, W they will be a good enough division. I’m tired of a west team falling into the championship game bc we have to have a division champ just to get rocked by the East

  4. Eager to see what our 2024 schedule will look like. I would think OSU will get both USC and UCLA that year and that 2024 Washington non-conference game is probably going to be a conference game

  5. Love it. I don’t like the idea of California teams in the the Big 10, but it almost feels inevitable that college football is going to turn into a two conference 30-50 team division 1 in the next 20 years. Snagging USC is huge, and I’ll be cheering them and UCLA on all year

  6. Better than having Rutgers, Maryland, and Nebraska. God those schools have brought the standard WAYYYY down.

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