Game Thread: Rutgers (3-1) @ #3 Ohio State (4-0)

  1. Thank you! I’d refreshed multiple times and couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a thread—you are a treasure!

  2. dude he only ran it cause there was fucking no one there i honestly don’t think he would have ran it if there was 1 person there

  3. I was taking a break from cleaning up from Ian to watch the game. I hope my wife doesn’t see the score and make me get back outside. 😊

  4. some of you trashing egbuka when he literally has the best stats of all our wrs this season. he got targeted on that last drop anyways, and then had one mistake on a punt today.

  5. Arrogance, beefed up weight, new scheme doesn’t play to his strengths, lack of focus after big freshman year. Those are my guesses

  6. Rutgers has been jawing all game and seems like there have been some borderline cheap shots not being called all game.

  7. It’s almost like people don’t realize that Henderson is banged up…. As in he isn’t playing today likely.

  8. all of our corners need to practice on those 50-50 high balls into the endzone cause they’ve been a serious weakness this year

  9. treveyon henderson has to be slightly concerned with playing time cause miyan has been straight up better this year and i’ve been a huge treveyon homer

  10. i do think it’s legitimate to say that sometimes it seems like cj has totally predetermined the throw based on the play we’re running

  11. Come on bucks really having this much trouble against Rutgers to put this in on almost 6 tries from inside the 2

  12. I had to go back and watch Denzel ward and Jeff Okudah highlights to remember what it looks like when an OSU DB broke up a pass 😂

  13. that was a great job pushing the edge by the buckeye cb on defense against the flare. well done 💯💯💯

  14. I almost want to lose another big ten game so I don’t to keep hearing “Ryan day only has one lose in the big ten, that of course to (expletive)” /s

  15. No way. Let that be his ONLY one so everytime it's brought up, Day has to hear it and it fuels him not to do it again lol

  16. Y’all relax lol this offense will pick up the pace and energy when we play against better competition like we did last week. We should be thrilled with how the defense has played today

  17. we need to recruit db way harder. promise a guy that he can play all of his years here if he’s good enough cause it shouldn’t be that hard to get into our rotation

  18. Next week will be the really big test. UM played Iowa this week and only won by 13 points. If the Buckeyes blow them out, that will show something

  19. Was getting my two year old up who pooped for the third time today. Saw the replays....fuck you Greg. no way that was designed. I love finally seeing a punter run it when there's that much field in front of you. Wish there was more game left to run it up.

  20. Goddamn people. 2 hands on the fucking ball. How are you on a team like Ohio state and not get it?

  21. Jayden Fielding is a big improvement over most Buckeye kickoff guys in recent memory. It's usually touchback more often than not.

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