[Game Thread] Wisconsin at #3 Ohio State 9/24/2022 7:30PM

  1. Ugh and the defense…before garbage time, only gave up 14….def rushing stats will look worse cause that last long run at end but overall they shut em down

  2. This taking our foot off the gas is gonna fuck us later. This should have been 70-7. Now it doesn’t look like a blowout. Stupid af.

  3. 52-21 is absolutely a blowout by every standard. It’s impossible to score 70 every week playing P5 football teams. That’s just not how the sport works at all

  4. But somehow Georgia an Alabama go up even though they would have to play each other as well. It's always favored towards the SEC it's a joke. Even after Alabama lucked it's way out of Texas

  5. and shitting on Michigans OOC schedule like 5 times tonight. It truly was a joke, and they can't even use the "these were good teams when we booked them 6 years ago". All of those teams were fucking shit in 2016 and are shit now.

  6. Only reason I hate these late scores against the back ups is that everyone is going to see the 21 scored and criticize not knowing that it came late against the backups

  7. Lol that safety looked like me playing safety in pee-wees, I spent 50% of the plays hanging in the back staring at my feet 😂

  8. They have got to come up with a solution to remove those fucking officials. Mother fucker just set a pick on our secondary.

  9. Calm down guys, its the backups and Wisconsin is trying to get confidence for the rest of their schedule. Our starters were mauling them for 2.5 quarters.

  10. This better be our starters last series. You're playing with fire Day being up this much and risking starters

  11. Absurd that college football will come back from a commercial break, do a kickoff and go right back to a commercial break lol

  12. Wisconsin team is bleached white bread with a slice of cheese, a glass of milk, and a long story from a grandma about a health ailment.

  13. On my ESPN app feed, Tim Ryan is the only candidate with ads. Is that true on ABC? It’s a big, important audience.

  14. The true midwestern schools are going to be left behind in the new era of CFB. They dont have the NIL clout, and castaways in the transfer portal are not going to be enough to compete with the blue bloods.

  15. WTF is herbie talking about with Cooper. Cooper recruited the fuck out of the rest of the US and thats why there was a big leap in OSU football in the 90s compared to the Earle days.

  16. People are such boomers over any alternate uniform we wear…🤷‍♂️ I personally love the whole “blackout” black uniform thing…they look sweet too

  17. I’m game for alternates. I don’t love OSU’s execution of the blackout uniform (I actually really don’t like these uniforms) but I’m all for a black uni and alternates

  18. I hate any alternate uniforms. Just update the 1975 uniforms with the gray stripes, giant numbers and stickers and keep it like that forever

  19. ESPN showing 3 or 4 highlights for every game...but for Georgia vs Kent State only showing 1 big Georgia TD and glossing over that game as fast as possible. Lol.

  20. After the skull session, I’m really looking forward to that show. I always end up having to find it the next day on the TBDBITL feed.

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