Cbd flower

  1. I would just go to a local CBD store and buy their CBD flower I recommend a place called the Columbus botanical Depot but that's in Columbus. There's really no point in buying CBD flower from the dispensary and you can get the same product from a local CBD supplier. Then you can just buy a lower THC flower and mix them together if you still want the THC effect

  2. I used to be able to regularly get 1:1 cbd:thc strains in Ohio last year. I have not seen either of those strains in almost a year, and high cbd strains (with little thc) show up on the menus occasionally, but not regularly enough to count on. Unfortunately, the demand in Ohio is for very high thc strains, and there just doesn't seem to be enough of us wanting high cbd for it to make it worth the growers time I guess.

  3. Thank you for reply. The same demand for ultra high thc strains ruled in Oregon for a number of years; it wasn’t until recreational passed and the market expanded that lower thc strains became more accessible. There were always a few, not many, but a few cbd flower strains available. I am surprised that demand is so low here! Sad!

  4. we have gas stations here in Van Wert Ohio that have full line up of cbd products flower vapes gummies candy all for the over 21 group

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