quality or quantity which does everyone prefer

  1. This is the way, I'll shop high qual on sales and try to find breeders(looking at you Certified) who produce good quality product at reasonable prices.

  2. i always tend to have several strains.. I have one I refer to as "bulk" and then several others that are top notch.. and play mix and match, etc.. interestingly the "bulk" stuff (halves) seem to be getting better these days imo (ymmv)

  3. Quality! I started off in the program hunting bargain brands...taste like hay, smell like hay, barely a 5 minutes high. Find some solid brands that produce quality product time and time again, wait for those 20% off days...

  4. I like to go for quality but I unfortunately some of these growers don't. At times I have to budget shop but I have found some middle ground brands imo help the wallet and still succeed in medicating me.

  5. Quality. All day long. I just chase the best sales for the best deals on the higher end products. It also helps a lot that I converted to vaping from combustion and found the product types, cannabinoids, terpenes that work best for me.

  6. In ohios program where they charge an arm and a leg for everything lol I prefer quality but have to search for quantity other wise I would be paying more than 5 stacks a month

  7. I really wish we could see/smell the flower in particular before we buy it. I think we ALL know what we personally consider great bud and will buy it instantly if it's in our price range. I've had mixed results from several growers so it's frustrating to shell out 100 or even 50 bucks and get mediocre bud that I end up having to make edibles with.

  8. Quality. I always keep an eye on sales. I'm fortunate enough to have three dispensaries near me. One of them always seems to have something I like on sale. There are some bargain buds that I enjoy but for the most part I go for quality.

  9. Everyone who thinks they smoke the best will say quality but who can say what I think is quality vs anyone else? Example- I splurged a month ago on Arnie Palmer #2. terps were great, stunk up the house it was very loud. The effects for me weren't very good. Not worth the 140$ for a half they were charging IMO. So do I not know quality? Or do i not fall for over priced weed with lackluster effects? Just saying I've been way more satisfied not buying "Quality" flower and saving money.

  10. Quality 100%. But in terms of quantity I usually get the same thing every time. A 1/2 oz of flower then two luster pods. I found it’s just a good middle ground and plus waiting for those 15-20% off weekly sales help out a ton too

  11. Both. Multi-gram buckets of live rosins & resins are my probably 95% of my purchases these days. That way I can get really medicated with small amounts, but I also have the volume to just get dumb when I want to.

  12. A little of both! Quality is always important in deciding. If I’m broke though, the quality gets put on the back burner for quantity so I can make it stretch.

  13. There are alot worse companies to buy then klutch I mean look at matter, pure Ohio, or buckeye relief those 3 companies plus a few other r worse then klutch but that's just my opinion there are also companies better then klutch like galenas, Woodward, or Farkas

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