Best E-rigs for Concentrates?

  1. Bro I bought 4 candy pen ouras and all of them came broken/faulty put the box, ended up getting my money back and buying a glass rig and quartz banger.

  2. I’ve got a peak pro and a Daab as my daily drivers. My versa won’t work long enough for me to enjoy bit but it hits like a truck when it is working

  3. Divine tribe V5 core 2.0 best rig on the market hands down it’s affordable and makes the peak look like a cheep piece of engineering

  4. Ispire daab. Reasons to get the daab over other units. All glass from banger to mouth. Super fast hot induction heating with auto temp or manual control. Pass through charging. No expensive 3d atomizers to replace. You can change the batteries out yourself and don't need to send the unit for repair. Excellent customer support.

  5. I own a peak pro and love it but I've also had friends that can't seem to figure out how to get a good draw low and slow just doesn't compute on there brains. I've also read others reviews and what not that had similar experiences. But IMHO peak pro is great after upgrades 3D chamber proper ball cap and def better top so with that I can see why that would be a turn off aswell. But once upgraded nothing hits like it except banger and torch. The Dr dabber's are pretty nice pricey aswell but they rip I haven't owned one so I can't speak to there durability my neighbor has one and until recently had no issues. But they are fragile. Carta 2 is def a good rt to go as you can buy extra batteries and as far as I know they are the only ones that have interchangeable batteries. The inspire and dtv5 or 4 have pretty great reviews but can't speak anything past that. There are def some good options out there def do your due diligence and you will not be disappointed. Happy dabbing

  6. Dr. Dabber Switch --- The OG of e-rigs & still considered the best desktop vaporizer (non-whip) by industry experts. Capability to vaporize flower w/the flick of a switch, not to mention there's no atomizers to replace so it literally pays for itself. Best warranty in the biz at 2 years w/live customer support only a phone call away ..... What ?

  7. Carta 2 all day man! Awesome device. Carta 1 lasted me a long time and many, many dabs. Carta 2 is miles ahead of the 1st in my opinion.

  8. Focus Carts. My puffco was a waste. Picked up a carta last year Black Friday sale for 200$. Love it and still works flawless. I would wait a year on a Carta 2 till they work they bugs out. Lot of posts of the carta Reddit about all kinds of fucked up issues with the 2. Seems to be hit or Miss right now since it’s brand new, the original is a tank and with the app does pretty much everything the 2 does minus some fancy lighting and digital display which if your using your app doesn’t even matter. Check it out though, most everyone I know who does concentrates a lot gave up puffco peaks. Anything will break but you can almost buy two cartas for the price of a new pro. Most other e rigs aren’t worth the hassle, pretty much same price range and really doesn’t gain you anything over those two rigs.

  9. I’ve had the Peak and recently just bought a Dr.Dabber Switch… it uses an induction coil and evenly heats in 3 seconds. Legit perfect rips with 15 different heat settings. It’s pricier, but an absolutely amazing piece. It also vapes flower

  10. DC TiTi from VGoodiez. It’s an eNail with capability of doing flower and concentrates. A lot like the Flowerpot

  11. If you're looking for the old school torch and banger dab way I recommend the mini jig by MJA it's a tiny high quality rig that retails for $50. Otherwise electric wise, Dr.Dabber and Carta v2 are the go tos. Both of them having a better heat time than a puffco and have the option to use flower through them. If you really are on a budget Gpen has an electric nail for rigs and the lookah unicorn are both solid options for under $150. Any questions don't be afraid to ask, as I work in a head shop and do nothing but research.

  12. I'm very happy with my Ditanium desktop unit for concentrates. You can find them for $250-$300 online, and they sell just about every replacement part on their website. The loading area is somewhat tight so it'll take a second or two to load a heaping glob of wax or a large chunk of shatter, but I find it effective enough that what you can get in will be plenty.. It's also flower compatible, which it works fairly well for, but I think even the concentrate function alone makes it well worth the purchase, and it's at a relatively low price for an e-rig. For extra fun, you can load flower and concentrate at the same time for a stacked hit - this is a good time.

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