butterfly Effect/Grow Ohio Lusters

  1. SLH is always great, I do think I like it more than blackjack, it’s probably my favorite GO luster. I have not had notorious but the new Cuban linx was great.

  2. Yeah, Love luster pods, especially anything strain derived, and not botanical. I'm a fan of sativa's though, even at night. SLH, Black Jack, both great. I'm not an indica guy any more.

  3. How do you use the luster pods? Do you get your own vape or is this one of the vape carts that require a special type of pen?

  4. Usually you buy a kit, klutch and butterfly effect both sell a starter kit for around $70-80 comes with the ccell battery used to vape the luster pods, a charger and the luster pod itself whatever strain you picked but after you get a battery then you just buy the pods by themselves you can also get a battery by itself from other vendors

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