Just got this from firelands Chem OG.. is this mold? Do I need to get rid of the entire jar?

  1. It definitely appears to be mold. You should reach out to Firelands and your dispensary to let them know. That is totally unacceptable. I would not smoke it at all as mold spores can get all over the buds. I would request a full refund.

  2. There was a post awhile ago about how firelands had a bunch of moldy stuff drying and they were gonna just remediate and sell.

  3. It doesn't help that companies are rush packaging stuff that isn't fully processed. You shouldn't be smelling hay from any company let alone getting mold in ur shit. That's how far slanted this is

  4. No it doesn’t. You can’t “remediate” bud until it passes you absolute bafoon. What you’re claiming is highly illegal & patently false. Please stop spreading false information.

  5. They won’t do anything I bought a half of Wonka bars from the botanist in Akron and they would not let me return it! Called foreland left a voicemail nothing! Wrote an email, and nothing! There’s no accountability in this program. Legit wasted over $150 on Firelands. I’ll never buy their products again smh

  6. Smoked a bit and it tasted weird, made me sneeze constantly, couldn’t really breath.. went online n started researching about recent Firelands recent crops and low behold they have been getting moldy bud.. went n looked at my half n there it was.. mold, the smell of the cheese smh

  7. It may have been nothing because the post continue to say they use radiation now to get rid of the effects of mold. But obviously the mold will still be there, just not active. Long story short, wtf am I paying all this ridiculous money for shitty bud that has mold on it?

  8. this med program is solely focused on making money. they don’t care what they put out bc we keep buying it and never demand improvements to the system as a whole. it’s not going to stop until we demand it.

  9. Been getting the sundae driver quite a few times. It looked good and tasted fine. But then again.....we shouldn't have to be breaking up my whole jar to look for mold. This is like one of the main reasons to be in a medical program , is to not have to worry about this. Older people/ elderly people dont check and prob wouldn't even know what to look for.

  10. Which dispensary did you get this at is my question bro. Fire lands has been having some serious mold issues in this forum as of late and so has Klutch. Did you get ahold of anyone and get a refund?

  11. It definitely looks like some sort of ecosystem growing on your buds I would definitely report this , then I would cut out the mold and smoke the rest that’s just me though a lot worse things are consumed daily that are microscopic we don’t even know we’re consuming

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