Superflux - Donny Burger

  1. Cant pass judgment, as this is my only experience with them. But this donny burger is pretty dank, nice cure, wonderful effects...if the rest of their line is this good, i would be happy.

  2. I just finished my 14 grams of this. A great strain for sure. I definitely see the comparison to GMO which is the best strain I've found that suits my needs. I wish I could afford it on a regular basis but having strains like Donny Burger is really nice as the effects are so similar (in my case).

  3. Dang. I just bought some Friday in Springfield and it just smells and tastes "green" if that makes any sense.

  4. My only complaint: i literally had to cut the bottle in half to get it open! 😆 And it wasn't just me...i asked 3 others to open, and no one could figure it out!

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