Well at least they finally said we don't know

  1. Yes I know this, when I found that out I had bought some ascension lemon butter wasn't too bad. But only one dispo around me carries them and it's not often there inventory is very strange. They rotate brands except BR seems they will have ascension, galenas, ancient roots only for a short time then it's gone for a while then the will restock with BE, meigs, klutch etc.

  2. That menu sounds identical to my local dispensary lol. I rarely see Certified anymore but at least we keep getting Galenas and WW.

  3. Thankfully, it's not my main dispo harvest is the closest to me. But the dispo I'm speaking of us buckeye botanical in Jackson. Great people and nice atmosphere just there inventory is very limited but they are a good source for strains I've never seen at other dispos before. Like BR yuzu purple or RC early lemon berry.Both I've never seen anyware close to me which is only two other dispos. However early lemon berry very interesting.

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