Sunnyside Cincy Today 9-29-22

  1. I noticed the baseball place was gone. Hope they expand, but with more dispensaries coming on will that matter?

  2. I was actually there which was weird because they don’t run any flower deals on Thursday but took an hour from outside to inside. But everyone in line was friendly and chatty

  3. Most times people in line are so quiet. Once I made a comment about it being so quiet in there you'd think it was still a crime to buy MJ. LOL

  4. It’s the cheapest price in the area but also the worst experience. If you’re willing to spend your time waiting to save a few bucks, do you. I will spend an extra $20 up the street to not have to stand in line for an hour. At least give the customer the dignity of a fucking seat.

  5. Scratch that, Vericrap ended the FS discount. Now it's just matter discounted (and they can't give it away for free.)

  6. Damnnnnnnn….. glad I just saw this, I was about to go now but I know it’ll be a waste of time coming from Florence. This traffic is crazier then the dispo lines lol

  7. Only two others. Verilife selection stinks most of the time, crappy 15% discount for vets. Zenleaf seems to come & go on their selection. One day good with good prices, next day selection stinks and prices are up. Vet discount is 25%.

  8. All dispos need a line dedicated to online orders. When I visited cali I got my herb’s delivered. Even got a free edible and a huge joint. Didn’t have to listen to Karen ask 50 questions or try to avoid a unwanted conversation. No line. :(

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