recent haul Pineapple Pez 3.36g and Mac 1 cold cure hash rosin!! The terps and effects are on point, plus is was 20% off

  1. The Pineapple PZ is really special. Some of the best, most unique flavor I've gotten from an extract in our state, and it is one seriously heavy duty indica. Straight knock out juice for me.

  2. Bout to be lookin' for something along the lines of Apricot Gelato which has been my nightly driver awhile. Klutch sauce has been great so be looking for deal on PPZ.

  3. Not OP, but I've got a puck from the same batch. It's a heavy hitter; very strong body buzz and couch lock. I've got one hell of a high tolerance, but one or two dabs of this before bed and I'm ready to pass right out after.

  4. Its amazing. and it doesn't leave my dab tools sticky n messy. It's definitely worth it to me, but so is the proxy. I love them both I carry my proxy with me in my bag and keep my puffco at home

  5. Thank you! I also bought a yoshi ball cap for it just waiting on my yellow puffco pro ball cap to switch them out and my upgrades will be complete! The glass is from Spidersglass on IG

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