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  1. Yeah sorry I couldn't figure out where to type my question so figured I'd ask after someone said something and my grammar is bad brain isn't good but any how I'm new to dabs and this definitely doesn't seem to be for a portable vape device so is it better to use for like mixing in coffee sorry I'm still not good putting sentences together.

  2. No thc I can post a picture of the box but the strain is Sophora live sugar by superflux everything I look up online makes me think something is wrong with this because it says it sold be runny or like oil in there so I'm wondering if it's bad idk sucks being new and not knowing wasted my dab money on this for two weeks oh well wish they would take it back on a exchange lol

  3. Ok my dude let me help you they didn't crc the fuck out of that crc is cor remediation if your wondering it's how they make concentrates that nice golden color or other desired colors but it consists of gold or yellow. Anyways take some parchment paper and then take your dab and place it on the parchment paper and then press with your fingers it will warm it up causing it to stick together which will make for better handling. Btw it's called flagging if my explanation didn't hit the mark I'm sure there are YouTube videos on it.

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