Guess they got cia secrets at certified this is all they would give me.

  1. Wow. I get wanting to protect a propriety product, if they really did develop the strain, but that’s what patents are for. This strategy might work for WD-40 but we’re attempting to medicate here.

  2. Interesting I'm not sure how you know this but based on your posts that I've seen you don't seem to be full of shit anyways. So I am inclined to believe you I emailed them back and said you obviously didn't answer my question, I followed it up with alot of why it's important to me to know the strain and lineage as it helps me on finding good medicine that I might otherwise over look. I've tried strains based on its parentage. Also I'm a conisuer who prob goes a little over the top with the need to know as much as I can about interests and hobbies alike. Thank you for this info

  3. It's all good. Ive been to quite a few dispensaries in ohio that literally give you the drug dealer vibe (cant see in,even the office,blind buy everytime,budtenders know very little aside from reading the name on the bag) so fuck it. We might as well have a covert operations strain. It's only fitting. This one was probably developed by Walter White and delivered to the dispensary by Micheal Weston. When you're burned,you've got nothing.

  4. They should be proud to tell you what strain it is. They aren't because they probably don't know what schwag they are growing.

  5. it just sounds like someoke bred it in house at their own house and brought the seed in. they probably don't know thenselves

  6. The person that was growing for them when they were really good left in March I bet he bred the strain and they just don't know.

  7. I don't care about keeping strain lineage a trade secret, as long as they are divulging sativa/indica origin or split and terpene profiles. To me that's what is relevant to my medication, I don't care what it's parent strains were named.

  8. They say Justin bred it just like he said he bred truffletini when exotic genetics bred truffletini dude is a joke and so is certified they also went to shit when Justin left

  9. I haven't changed my opinion about them consistent flower always on weight (never over) and haven't had a strain of theres I don't like there are some that are ok. But there are some strains that's are off the chain in terps and effects.

  10. All these companies in Ohio use bum genetics as a grower that buys seeds on the regular these companies are buying all the cheap bullshit no one wants or grabbing lame dinosaur strains and trying to sell it to us for top dollar… to many chads and brads in the Ohio cannabis industry the strain and pheno selections they use are just awful and don’t even get me started about the Bum cryocure methods their using to get the flower out as fast as possible to us the people…, idc what anyone says you can’t rush a cure hang dry for at least 17 to 30 days and preferably grove bags after or slow cure hang without trimming a thing for 30 to 45 days that’s how you preserve terps but the problem is they are starting out with piss poor genetics anyway can’t polish a terd🤷‍♂️

  11. 🤣🤣 I want to see their reply email when you tell them, that did not answer your question, Deez! Let's see where this goes... 🤣🤣

  12. Same with Bukeye Relief/Archive Seeds Eager Beaver strain (I may have that name wrong, something Beaver lol)...Archive Seeds sends it out as an "undisclosed lineage" freebie when you buy other seeds is my understanding. Def annoying when cultivators do that.

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