Pure OG by Pure Ohio wellness OG Kush 14.15g $35 at pure Ohio wellness

  1. I don't think it's bad. The smell is not super strong. Smells way better than the Cresco I just bought at 27%. The effects are nice but don't last a long time. I know everybody's hating on it but for the price it did what it was supposed to do can't complain.

  2. Pick up their halves all the time.. just picked up their Blue Blast, and it is great. not really Blue Blast, but terrific nonetheless 😁 and for the price.. close to unbeatable for CLE area imo (ymmv)

  3. That's one of my favorite strains from them the grower they brought in last year brought that with him from California the in-house version is called mad River Kush and has some good genetics California hash plant cross with blueberry OG. The London dispensary has half ounces from 64 to 112 tomorrow they got that blue blast at 24% for $72.

  4. It's a good deal thank you I will enjoy if you get a chance you should check out your Ohio dispensary they've had 1/2 oz for $35 consistently for the past 6 weeks

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