Afghani, now this is the high I've been looking for and smokes so smooth. 🤯🎉 From Leaf relief.

  1. Yeah I grabbed some of this in the Cure Ohio bags a while back. I think mine was like 24.9%. Absolutely delightful. Nice headband and body hug feel to it. Possibly my favorite indica in the program if I'm being perfectly honest.

  2. Funny to me that I opened this thread,and I literally started calculating time it had been since I have had afghan. Sensi seedbank from amsterdamn. Pure afghan#1. Those were the days.Too bad we can't get a little sensi star going on. I've been eyeballing this from cokoh.Doubt it touches the old stuff,but I could be wrong. I loved this strain at one point in my life.Powerful indica that lasted for hours. I've actually had good luck with Cokoh as of late.LCP was nice for what I paid for it (75/half). I'll be giving this one a chance in the future.

  3. Ohio it's hit or miss with terps. I think it depends on the companies and this was from leaf relief in Boardman

  4. My all-time favorite strain for pain relief! Picked up an oz for ~$170 about a month ago. I highly recommend for pain patients.

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