Best gummies for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (with panic disorder) for a new user with low tolerance?

  1. Balancing with CBD is a great way to soften the psychoactive effects and CBD definitely helps my anxiety better than any THC product. My anxiety is also severe, and I've also been prescribed 2 anti anxiety meds as well, one of which I have all but eliminated with medical marijuana.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions! It's good to see someone who is going though the same issues. I will definitely look into magnesium and taurine.

  3. The Camino pear is great for microdosing. Not enough THC for my pain relief but I think for a little anxiety relief they could be helpful so I second the suggestion. They also taste good. Definitely great if you're new to edibles.

  4. Camino is the way to go. I don’t know what they do differently but their product is very smooth and I’ve rarely had an issue with “too much” of a dose.

  5. I know you said gummies and these might not have enough THC for you but I just popped a 1906 Chill tablet, they might be helpful for you. Has a few good reviews. I will report back with effects. I have cPTSD with anxiety issues as well as ARFID and my Ss are worse in the morning like yours. You can buy a 2 pack for $5 to sample. Each tablet has calming plants in it and is 5mg THC, 25mg CBD. Wishing you comfort and continued healing!

  6. I tried those last week and they were pretty heavy for the 5mg. I have a low tolerance too so 5mg is my normal nightly dose and they felt like a lot more than just that, which I would recommend for sleep. They didn't do much for me that other edibles don't but they're like $3 a 2 pack at my Bloom so it's worth trying.

  7. The Botanist sells 4 packs of their gummies so you can try different varieties for like $10-15 as opposed to $50. Their peach nectarine is 5:1 CBD:THC and they also have a kiwi strawberry indica that is nice for relaxation (though I take just a quarter of a gummy of those). I really recommend the customer service at the Botanist, they were great for helping me know what I was looking for.

  8. Incredibles makes both mints and fruit tart edibles. They are 50 per 100mg so you can micro-dose without cutting up the edible. I like those for daytime. The Camino 5mg gummies are good too (love pineapple habanero, but they have several flavors and one with CBD). If you wanted a liquid, I’ve had the Select drops (squeeze flavor into water,etc.) and you could either use a smaller amount of flavor or put double the amount of water, then sip during the day for a drawn out micro-dose.

  9. If anything you want to start with microdosed edibles, you don't want something that has like 5 pieces to it and 100mg total. You can typically find these around 5mg, Kiva makes great ones but I would recommend starting with 1/4 if you end up getting those.

  10. I understand. My therapist very much approves of my decision to try marijuana/edibles and to progressively get off Prozac. This isn't a decision I am taking willy-nilly.

  11. I like onederful juicy pear 10:1 gummies and Camino yuzu 1:1 gummies. I take them for migraines but I get anxiety & these also elevate my mood.

  12. For sleep I like Camino midnight blueberry. It has CBN as well as chamomile and lavender. No melatonin iirc. I also try to avoid that.

  13. CBD is great, and I recently found CBN to be really helpful as well! Having a 2:1 ratio of thc to cbn helped me sleep like a baby.

  14. It's not the gummies per say, but what's inside that makes it stoney. Try RSO straight. Rice sized amount or 2. Cheaper in the long run as well as probably more potent.

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