Favorite strains in OH program for ADHD / focus?

  1. From the upvotes, I guess people agree. Looks like it’s the first result in my area when I search “focus” on IHJ too. Going to go pick up a tenth today and see how it does.

  2. Orange 43, Whip It, super lemon dog, super lemon haze, blackjack, Schromulan, straight sauce, golden goat. Search the sub for “terpinolene fans unite” for collection of strains. For me if a strain doesn’t have it, I feel “stoned” and mental fog, but terpinolene gives me focus and motivation.

  3. I have been focusing more on myrcene and limonene since I got into the program. Looking at my collection right now and Jack Herer is my only terpinolene heavy one but I wasn’t a fan of the flavor. Going to pick up some Orange 43 today and give it a shot. Thanks for the other examples!

  4. IMO Terpinolene, Limonene and Pinene give me those particular results. Those are the terps I like to see, I don't like super high Terpinolene though it can make me feel weird/off. I love it as a lesser Terpene. I like high Limonene/Pinene strains. Second Breakfast is great and so is Electric PB Cookies by Galenas.

  5. Thank you, I saw melonade 8.49g by Cresco/Supply today, almost got it but decided not to because the price was suspicious at $50 before discount lol. Glad I didnt after seeing your comment. I second the Black Jack. Not the most impressive looking but decent citrus scent and good focus/effects. I think anything with strong Jack Herer traits helps me focus, isn't a "foggy/hazey" energy to me personally.

  6. Hybrids seem to give me the best results if I need to get stuff done that requires focus, Shoki (Grow Ohio), LA Kush Cake (Ancient Roots).

  7. 92 cookies and NYC Flo. Cookies is a little bit more intense. NYC Flo is the definition of “dad weed” - lower THC but with great effects.

  8. Have you had whip it? Klutch lists it as a 50/50 hybrid. How does that work for you versus o43 or SLD? I personally felt like SLD didn’t have enough body effects for my pain, but I’ve seen the live resin terpenes (haven’t tried it yet) and it seemed crazy high terpinolene.

  9. I actually don't find super racy sativa's to help my ADHD symptoms very much. I have other brain junk goin on that throws me way worse than the ADHD so I tend to focus on that, but for concentrating on a sit down activity I will usually go for something with myrcene coz it helps keep me in my seat :) I have ADHD-combined but my main symptoms are impulsiveness and hyperactivity.

  10. Hi. I was reading your story. I also have ADHD. I have to be honest, I take Adderall, and the best strains I have come across are "salty watermelon" by firelands. Also,from verano " jet lag". The hybrids that tend to be more sativa's are the ticket. Look into those 2 strains at least on Google. You probably will have a easier time finding your strain . Also, with my medicine, it pairs well with it. Good luck, and I hope you get the relief your looking for,,,,,,, ✝️💯

  11. Like the terpinolene strains do help me focus on repetitive work though. I'm a server and they seem to help me remember things and be motivated to do shit I don't feel like doing at work.

  12. lemon slushee by klutch. i’m convinced that’s the reason i’ve been doing well in college while i haven’t been on adhd meds

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