Klutch is still fucked.

  1. Same here. Used to buy almost exclusively Klutch flower. Have given up recently. Last thing I got from them was Pineapple PZ and it was musty as hell with very little effects. It's a real shame because there seem to be so few flower cultivators in the program that care about having quality terpenes.

  2. This is the problem with sterilization. It kills the mold to pass testing, but doesn't remove the mold. So you are left with bud that has dead mold and it affects the smell and taste (nobody knows the long term health issues of inhaling dead mold). Moldy buds used to be used for oil and edibles, but these new sterilization methods allows them to sell it as flower.

  3. My question is why the hell would they have mold in the first place? You really got to be fucking up to get mold in your grows.

  4. This is actually stupid. I can see the wait times increasing because more people have to request the non-sterilized product, employee has to explain what it is, etc.

  5. This is why we need PCR based testing and not bullshit TYM plate counts. PCR will return a hit for the target organisms regardless of if they're viable or not while also not returning positive tests for innocuous organisms like trichoderma.

  6. they’re biggest problem is theyre trying to expand their facility so fast while also trying to grow so many strains they literally can’t keep up, and its showing in the quality of their products

  7. I will no longer buy their luster pods. No consistency between batches. All taste like shit now. I’ll buy their concentrates here and there but lately haven’t been impressed.

  8. Orange 43? My last batch had a slight moldy taste but I’m not very experienced with that strain so I wasn’t sure if that is a normal characteristic

  9. Thanks for this! I have seen people try to say that this has been fixed. I'm guessing because Klutch products seem to be the Ohio marijuana equivalent to the cool kid in in high school. They'll get defended regardless of how bad things get. It really helps to know that I need to stay away from them for a while. Like you mentioned this medicine is super expensive and buying even a tenth that is literal trash is such a horrible feeling.

  10. Not gonna lie, I’ve had the White Truffle, Budini and Sherbhead—each one tasted the exact same, musty, old taste to it—effects were pretty dull too

  11. I haven’t had any flower in over a year, but their co2 carts and luster pods have been on point for almost two years for me. Sorry this is happening to you though.

  12. I was going to say the same thing - I've used exclusively their Luster pods over the past 6 months and have seen no issue. But I used to really enjoy their flower, so this is really a bummer to hear. I hope they make things right!

  13. Yo bud, I got some news for you. All cultivators send their trash bud (or bud that doesnt pass testing) straight to co2.

  14. Haven’t noticed any mold but haven’t been very happy with the quality on klutch flower for about 2 months…. In the meantime what brands will you be purchasing ?? Klutch is my typical go to

  15. This is just a data point, but I purchased Klutch Jealousy last week, and it's been nothing but stellar. I haven't experienced a problem with Klutch yet.

  16. Jealousy has quickly become my #1 option when they have it. Urging everyone who hasn’t tried it—it’s so worth the price tag.

  17. I'm pretty sure their problem is strain specific right now. Catfish, O'Ryan and OG all had the same smell and not much for effects. I did pick up some Jealousy the other day and it is top tier. This is extremely disappointing as this is one of my favorite cultivators...

  18. After seeing someone say Sherbhead was the only Klutch flower not effed, I picked a 2.83 up. Tastes and smells identical to the Catfish and MAC1 I got. Im not gonna claim mold because mine weren't pungent (even mildly moldy weed is super pungent) but did have a mild smell of chlorine kinda. Hard to describe but #1 the 3 strains should all smell different. #2 I've smoked over 20 years, tons of strains, and I am 110% sure it's not a weed smell. I only tried the Sherbhead because of the comments and Linalool content. Medical effects were way weak compared to the other brand Ive been using lately. Not gonna name names because I don't wanna be accused of just putting down Klutch to promote them.

  19. Is there actual visible mold? Or just a weird taste? I'm sure a bad cure or drying mistakes can cause a weird taste that could be interpreted as "moldy, basement floor" taste without any actual mold. Still sucks though. I haven't had any Klutch flower recently, but their extracts and pods have been very good.

  20. Probably no actual mold or bud rot, they've never posted a single picture of the flower, just the jars. I'll link his source below.

  21. I've never picked up musty or molded bud that I've noticed in my time in the program. Never tried Klutch though but I know that smell you're talking about.

  22. I had the same problem with the JDOG AND GHOST OG ofc there wasn't any visible mold but fuck it tasted so bad specially the JDOG. I know this taste and smell being told it's supposed to be earthy and I don't know what mold is. It's very insulting ofc it passed the tests if not I wouldn't have it in my possession. What sux is I've had other flower with similar problems just not quite as bad. Shitty thing got Donny burger superflux same shit. I got it sitting in a jar with the lid off and an integra pack might help it I've done this many times jait not in years and this was from ppl that were amateur growers.

  23. They do have a slight problem with too many of their strains being too similar or just sort of generic - Big Head, Heat Locker, Heat Spike, Budino, and their ICC are all decent (or used to be before the current problems), but I’d have a hard time sorting them out in a blind test.

  24. Was just at the dispo today and they had a pop up. I almost bought some but ultimately did not. Glad I didn’t, this is very unfortunate to hear

  25. Don’t believe these people. Buy for yourself and see. I work at a dispensary and pick up klutch almost every drop. Never had a problem with them. I think a lot of people are complaining about the OG and don’t know what to expect with flavor

  26. Noooo. This happened to me with another brand I refuse to name because I love them so much, but the stuff I got afterwards was immensely better.

  27. Switch cultivators 🤷 I exclusively buy from Klutch and the only issue I have had was from bodino. Other than that they're pretty consistent with their strains and quality. You bashing a specific cultivator due to a minor quality issue say's a lot about you & nothing about a cultivator.

  28. Show a picture. Keep seeing all those mold post with no pics. Shits dumb. I just bough 7 jars over the past 2 weeks and no issues

  29. I’ve had at least 3/4 of all their currently available strains (including Josh D) in the past 30-60 days …

  30. Klutz is my 2nd favorite....Orange 43 is the shit . So I am saying it's my 2nd favorite flower. I read through most of the comments and have come to the conclusion that nun ya'll complained about its quality.

  31. This is why I don’t buy any of these “hype” brands. Like Klutch. The only “hype” brand I’ll buy is Galenas. The rest is trash.

  32. I just don’t buy flower in Ohio anymore. Been burned by multiple companies with shitty flower. Klutch hasn’t been one so far, but I don’t buy their flower either. Carts, concentrates, or edibles only.

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