Anyone purchased any of the $35 1/2oz from Pure Ohio?

  1. Negative but if I was in a position bad enough to where I considered buying it, I wouldn't think twice about grabbing it and saving my momey.

  2. The $35 half’s are basically like buying Reggie in my experience of buying them. Good enough to get the job done but wouldn’t expect spectacular effects. You’ll probably go through it quicker if that helps

  3. I tried the pure OG last time they had that deal. Honestly the first bud I've bought in the program I really didn't like. If I were combusting still I may not have minded as much, but it was pure hay taste and smell through a vape, and a session on my Mighty+ was finished after like 2-3 hits (more like 10-15 for most average flower). Just a classic situation of getting what you paid for.

  4. Yes.. and I haven't been disappointed by any of them from pow. it's popcorn, but that makes little difference to me. Just picked up Legendary Larry because it was on sale (75 bucks or so otd), and it is great.. not much taste, but the effects are spot on OG.. i've had this, Gelato, Blue Blast, Animal Mints, the 2 skunks they do... all ate well worth it imo (ymmv)

  5. I grabbed one for the hell of it haven't shopped in state in months and happened to see that deal so i figured I'd try it out. Got an ounce of it since I'm more into stronger flower but a zip for 70 can't beat it IMO if it's not that great I'll Just make it to edibles or mix it with my stronger stuff. Just can't afford the drive to Michigan this week so it'll hold me over

  6. That's why I stopped spending my money in Ohio. I take a trip to Michigan every couple months. And you just wouldn't believe how much cheaper. I got vape carts 12 for $100 and I got like 6 ozs for about $600 of some straight gas.

  7. I have had the $35 halves of gg4 and hell on wheels. Not the best, very little taste and a little bit of a headachey high after partaking. If you’re in a bind or looking to supplement a good strain, $35 isn’t bad for 14g.

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