Pluto x Red pop by cresco really nice looking flower. the effects are really nice. but when I open the jar it smells like straight alfalfa grass and it's kind of harsh wouldn't buy this again $27 at the forest.

  1. That would be chlorophyll you are smelling and tasting my friend. Shame too cuz I'm sure properly dried and cured that would be some tasty smoke.

  2. Agreed that usually means it was dried too fast and couldn’t properly cure resulting in a grass or hay smell and taste from leftover clorophyll this is exactly the kind of thing they should be selling under the supply brand for half price

  3. Agreed! I know that's where the smell is coming from I was just curious if all of it was like that! Somebody had posted on here and said that was one of their favorites of cresco's new offerings. Not a big fan. The effects are great but man that taste. They should have turned that into edibles or something.

  4. Late to the game here…picked up a half of this under the Supply brand about a month ago. Had the same green smell. I through it in a jar with some Boveda packs and it’s lost most of the green odor and the terp smells are peaking through now. But it’s definitely on the not to buy again list. Slowly working my way through this half 😑

  5. Yeah the effects are good but it's hard to get over the taste of it it really does taste like alfalfa grass smells just like it definitely not worth the price yeah I believe they dropped seven or eight strains here I've only had the opportunity to try 4 of them.

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