airopod .. taste so good. Them TERPS

  1. I’ve only gotten the Schromulan x Blood Orange Amethyst love resin, I stay away from distillates and added terps.

  2. Man this one taste like straight flower. The purple afghan is tried tasted a little fruity. I'm not a fan. But these.. taste amazing. I went back and got 3 more

  3. Peach ice cream from Fireland Scientific (cart/luster pod), has over 20% limonene Terps. Highly recommend.

  4. Hemp terpenes? Are these terps coming from an actual "White Runtz" strain or from a hemp plant? The front says live flower, but is it? Someone please help a brother understand what is going on here.

  5. Terps extracted from hemp, not a white runtz plant. Idk why they call it live flower. It's simply a distillate cart as far as I understand.

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