how much do you spend a month at the dispensary?

  1. I'm a pretty light user, mostly just a bit in the evenings; I just stock up 2-3 times a year. I time the visits with big sales and spend $200-$300. So if I average it out, it's only like $33~$75/month. I do also use a lot of hemp CBD/CBG and other cannabinoids that I get outside of the program (tweedlefarms online, no gas station shit), that's another $100~$200/yr I think.

  2. Maybe $60/month when I average it out. I’ve only been twice since I got my card in June. Mix of edibles and flower. The tenth I bought in June is still holding on. Only treat myself with the medicine on Fri/Sat nights.

  3. $200-ish per month in Ohio. I spend another $200 or so in Michigan. I like to try flower in the Ohio program but I also only have so much to spend.

  4. You must be balling though. Ain’t no way I’m paying 200 dollars for a renewal on my card when I’m already going to Michigan anyway. Let me hold a dollar bro.

  5. I probably spend about 400-500 here in Ohio and about 200 in Michigan. I’ve got a little group that takes turns taking trips up north. We grab our “community” bud from there lol. What we smoke when we’re around a bunch of people or if we want to make edibles we’ll grab stuff from there. Their cheap stuff is much cheaper than our cheap stuff and it’s just as good if not better.

  6. Just went for the first time this weekend. Worth the four hour drive. Ohio is going to have a hard time getting my money from now on.

  7. Spend $0 in Ohio and about $100-150 in Michigan each month. I know at least 4-5 people that do the same if not more than I do monthly so curious how much money is leaving our state each year?

  8. $70 every six weeks or so. Always vape. I’m a very light user. 5ish times a week, as I only use it for sleeping.

  9. 👀 maybe $60 a month at the most? I can’t work so if I do get something it’s because my boyfriend helped me. I just don’t use it very often. I still have flower and oil carts from like March ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I can’t afford to use it as much as I need to 😭

  10. I’m a new patient and my first dispensary run I spent $300. I think it should last me at least a month or two if not longer. I hope to be able to go back soon and grab some carts, edibles, and maybe a topical or two just to have variety in my medicine. I don’t live close to the dispensary so I have to plan ahead for trips.

  11. Around 100 or so. I only use it at night to help me sleep or very rare occasions when me anxiety is out of control and I need to make myself relax.

  12. Too much! I am balancing needs with strains I know will work for me, new strains I want to try, and new strains I need to replace the discontinued ones.

  13. I try to spend around $250 a month. But it's hard to pass on some of the sales when something that I really want. Or want to try. And living 5 minutes from two dispensaries doesn't help my cause either.

  14. I looked back a couple months and it looks to run about $250 monthly, and I use pretty regularly through the day, or so I thought until I read some others here. I just gotta say ... WOW folks! :-D LOL

  15. $80-125. But I have low tolerance and just started cannabis in july lol. My last trip I think should last 6-8 weeks. Definitely through Halloween. I got 6 different gummies lol. Harvest had my favorite 10:1 onederful juicy pear so I bought 2. 😌

  16. It's expensive but I just compare the price to my traditional migraine meds. 4 zolmitriptan pills cost me I think 15-20. 20 gummies cost me 20-30. And the zolmitriptan I can only take 4 per week so I don't get serotonin syndrome. 🤷🏻 Lol

  17. Also since I just started in July I've been splurging and trying new and different products. I have a couple go tos (Camino yuzu 1:1, the onederful I mentioned) but I like trying new stuff lol. Like a kid in a candy shop 🤣

  18. Trying to buy carefully and get down to about $300/month. Has easily been 500+ which is unrealistic and unsustainable. Sometimes I think about relocating to Michigan or the Pacific Northwest.

  19. I spent on average around $500/month. Too much! I didn't renew my card when I realized that through whatever loop hole in the wording of the law, we can get all sorts of decent variations/strains from the local smoke shops i.e., Kings of Vapor. Although, KoV has a crap selection, there are some smoke shops with a decent selection of pretty good bud. Now, I spend closer to $200 to $300 per month. The edibles are 100% delta 9. I love that!

  20. I'm curious where to look 👀 I'm wanting to mix CBD products in to help more with inflammation thinking I could save $$. I haven't found many great deals though

  21. Probably 250 - 400, giving myself some margin for error. I tend to smoke a half about every 9-10 days and pick up carts as needed. I travel a lot for work so it’s a little easier for me to shop sales.

  22. I drop about 500 during my 45 day allotment. If you shop right and pay attention to discounts, you can get good amounts, good quality in Ohio. I just dropped 160 at Rise on Sunday and got 2 disposable vapes and about an oz and half of flower.

  23. 800-1000 and all 45 days not that I use it all in a month have plenty of things I just plain don’t like bc I’m picky

  24. Too dang much. I go to Michigan to stock up whenever I can and pay 75% less. Leaf and Bud in Detroit has been my go to, and they have incredible deals. I pay $600 and I’m good for up to 5 months.

  25. I get 30% off and spend around $230 on flower and will sometimes splurge on a concentrate or 2 in a month that adds another $50-$90ish. I am thankful for the vet discount but think the vet/indigent discount should be based on income, not just whether you're on SS etc or have a DD214. I can barely afford my medicine with the discount and I am a tightwad lol. I feel for those of y'all paying full price on incomes like mine and promise to continue to advocate for you. Edited to say I have a relatively low tolerance.

  26. Probably 700 . But if I'm only going to Michigan than about 2-300. I'll Make monthly trips if I can afford the gas but about every other month I'm stuck buying in state

  27. ~500-600 for two people. But that gets me 4 ozs and 20 1g carts. Gotta love our northern neighbors. 😊

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