Certified Half Empty Luster

  1. It’s definitely not half empty.. you’re just holding it sideways so it’s not settling at the bottom like it should. They’re never completely filled to the top

  2. Is it just me or do I see recrystallized THCa? Thought about buying one they're on sale near me for $45 but if it's like this then nah lol.

  3. I’d let it sit upright and maybe slightly warm it up and see how it settles. I’ve found that somewhere near the exhaust port on my gaming laptop is perfect.

  4. In my experience of owning a few LR carts that have recrystallized, it's nearly impossible to get them to melt down again without risking melting the cart/pod.

  5. Thank dumbass DeWine and his dumbass mmj program. Paying stupid high prices for a .16g shorted product before its even opened. Stupid program, stupid governor, stupid prices, stupid state.

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