Anyone can tell me me what this is?? FECO

  1. Its basically rick Simpson oil but made with ethanol(food grade alcohol) instead of Isopropyl. It is an edible extract that is not only potent but retains the terpenes and other cannabinoids!

  2. Real RSO always uses food grade ethanol. Anything made with ISO is crappy home-made quality and really shouldn't be sold or consumed.

  3. In one word potent,I just picked up my 2nd purchase,they changed the labeling from vaporization on the 1st to edible now it uses 3x the points.A dose the size of a grain of rice is pretty effective. I would still purchase, it's a bargain on sale usually get it 30%off.

  4. The difference between FECO and RSO is FECO is "Full Extract Cannabis Oil" meaning they are extracting from the stem, sugar leaves and the entire bud. With RSO, they only extract from the bud itself (the part you normally would smoke or vaporize). Hope that helps with the difference!

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