What’s the hype for Klutch?

  1. Sounds like you prefer distillate carts with botanical terpenes over full spectrum carts with cannabis derived terpenes since Tigers Blood is distillate with food grade terpenes added. Buckeye Relief has never done an ice cream cake so not sure on that one.

  2. yeah i realized i meant Butterfly Effect for the Ice Cream Cake. I like Live Resin a lot, the full spectrum is amazing but.. they’re so much more expensive than others.

  3. Hemma is a cheaper cultivator alot like chizle, pow. I love all 3 cultivators I've had several I'm smoking fresh powder from chizle it's in my top ten sativas and it cheap

  4. Oh it was so good, I wish I had switched from luster to 510 though, I bet lower voltage it would have been even better.

  5. I used to be big on klutch very consistent but I wanted to branch out and found there are alot of great options out there for flower but they have the luster pod game on lock ove tried several other luster's and so far klutch takes the cake no one else is close. But l recently purchased JDOG & GHOST OG and it was terrible moldy taste and smell more so the JDOG. But I've also seen other posts about the same issues. So I am little surprised to hear issues with there oils now.

  6. I’ve been using luster pods from klutch or BE for almost two years now, two a week, and I’ve had one leak the entire time. Did you leave it in the car? Extreme heat will thin out the oil and make it leak. Maybe caryophyllene is not your favorite, was it peppery?

  7. no it was just in the device with the device laying down. took forever to get the oil off of our coffee table. only time it was outside was the trip home.

  8. i just tried Klutch for the first time and i have the opposite reaction after trying some Jealousy live hash rosin… 🔥🔥🔥

  9. I had the apricot gelato luster too, I thought that shit tasted absolutely delicious. Right now I’m on a full spectrum POW luster, I think it’s gelato, pretty damn good and the green pod makes me feel neat 😂

  10. I swear there employees come here to sell it the co2 oil makes me wanna vomit. I feel bad for ppl that think that’s what top self weed taste like. Id rather take matter over Klutch.

  11. Everybody on this Reddit circle jerks Klutch, they’re solid but I wouldn’t put them miles ahead of any other cultivator by any means

  12. I’m not a fan of jealousy. I do love their ice cream cake flower, their sherbhead flower, their lemon slushee flower and their Mac1 flower. I don’t smoke many pods/carts. Botanicals irritate my throat and for me the effects are very similar cart to cart.

  13. Never had the pods, haven't been disappointed with their flower, though most of it hasn't been my favorite either. Orange 43 is tops, but Budino, Jealousy and Pineapple Pez we're good nighttime strains but a little underwhelming for day use.

  14. Orange 43 and Whip It are excellent in luster pods and 510. Whip it usually has over 33mg/840mg of terpinolene. Anything without terpinolene doesn’t feel like a sativa to me.

  15. The supply carts are live resin mix strain...they taste fine and get you dtfo for sure as well as cost isnt bad at .5 for 30 bucks. My recommendation with carts doesnt go far but I'm pretty critical of them to begin with... Those work 4 me...

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