New Patient - Learning about flower vapes

  1. I second planet of the vapes and sneaky Pete's websites. I purchased a desktop arizer extreme q from them and a portable healthy rips Rogue. Both have been serving me well. A portable flower vape will save you tons of cash if you medicate daily and frequently. GL with whatever you choose but I also recommend checking out

  2. I own a pax3 with a bubbler attachment from sneakypetes it rips pretty nice. Tbh there are way better vapes out there it's are you willing to spend the money the mighty+ or crafty are nice. Planet of the vapes one seems to be getting pretty popular. I've seen them in action they rip. Now my dream vape a the Taroma XL there is no other dry herb vape on the planet that can rip like a Taroma check them out also tiny might is suppose to be the new little big guy in town.

  3. Mighty+ a d TinyMight 2 are the best portable vapes out at the moment. Expensive, but after going through about a dozen vapes, I wish I would have just spent the money upfront and been done with all it. They also have a good max bowl size of .3g if you stuff them.

  4. If you are looking for a portable flower vape, don’t waste your hard earned money trying out different vapes, buy a Storz & Bickel Mighty+, or a Crafty+. I have been using the Crafty for about 5 years now and the Mighty for about three. I love both! If you want easier controllability and longer battery life, buy the Mighty. Buy the super charger if you get the mighty, well worth the extra money. If you want pocket size, buy the Crafty, but it has a shorter battery life and you have to use the app to change the 2 preset temps. Both have their place. That’s why I ended up getting both. The clouds they put out and the flavor are incredible! There is a bonus hack as well! If you wait until the mouth piece gets hard to twist before cleaning, you will be rewarded with some VERY potent amber reclaim that is ready to eat. I always warn people though, it is very strong and a rice grain piece should be tried to start.

  5. As a new patient, I just got the dynavap M. It’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s a good device once you figure it out. I saw lots of good reviews for it!

  6. Live Resin carts and luster pods are pretty nice. I prefer the carts to pods because you have control over the power setting to use lower temps when vaping. The luster pods can burn the oil much easier.

  7. While I agree with your points, I personally really enjoy lusters because they are just so effective to me. However, OP was asking about dry herb vaporizers for consuming flower!

  8. Just stick to how you’re doing it now, no point in wasting money on vapes. If you absolutely want to switch over, just get a cheap one. I’ve tried just about every way you can smoke and I found a bong works the best and is just easiest

  9. DaVinci micro is a cheap entry-level vape worst thing is battery life and cleaning.I use mine infrequently but it gives pretty good results.The high from vaping is lighter and less intense than from smoking but you can really taste your weed.

  10. I bought an Xmax V3 Pro from Planet of the Vapes a few months ago. I felt it was cost friendly enough that if I hated it or hated vaping in general, I wouldn’t be out as much as with a PAX or Mighty.

  11. I've had no complaints about my Boundless CFX. The first one I got stopped working out of the blue one day. I got in touch with the company and they sent out a replacement free of charge, so that was great. The new one has had no problems. It has some drawbacks, but for the price it gets the job done reliably.

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