What is the point of a pre order if people take your stuff before you get there?

  1. I think this depends on the dispensary. At Bloom they've said that when I get the text my order is ready that means it has been bagged up and reserved. At Herbology, they normally do this but said that on busy days they can't get them ready early and may have to pull them when you arrive. I wish they would bring back curbside pickup like The Botanist has.

  2. Bloom has always came through for me even if i place an order online soon as they open and then show up like an hour before close to pick it up ❤️

  3. I placed order at 1:59pm for 3pm, never got text confirmation, got there at 3pm and said they didn’t have what I ordered, at botanist columbus

  4. A little inside knowledge at least for the dispensaries using the same operating system as we do - the product is not pulled from our inventory by the patient submitting the order. We get a slip that prints out - and your order of what you want goes into a temporary cart - it is then up to a human to look at your profile, make sure you have the days available and then move that product from the temp cart to your real cart. Occasionally, when we started with a small amount of product - there will be more than 1 person who had it in their temp cart. Our staff does this in the order we received the online orders so- if you put it into your cart before someone else - it goes to you. It’s the only fair way of doing it. The dispensary should be calling you to let you know about this and see if you want to grab something else instead. It’s a huge fail that your dispensary is not doing that, I am sorry.

  5. You're assuming the shitty corporate owners of the store are staffing it correctly. When we ran into this problem when I was budtending, it was always a staffing issue as to why pre-orders were not operating as they should. I hated when this happened to patients, but when companies fire and drive off half the staff, there's nothing that can be done. (Yes, I'm very fucking bitter, not at OP)

  6. I sometimes pre-order before they open I'm up early and it always seems to work. I've seen items pulled off online inventory and wondered if my order would be there so far no issues.This is at Bloom Painesville

  7. What dispensary do you go to? I go to harvest. If I do a 1pm pick up I usually get a text around 9 confirming my order, then an hour or two later saying it's ready (I assume that means the items are gathered and waiting for me to come).

  8. Either I have been lucky or my dispensary has some computer fail safe to keep it from happening. I go to Terrasana Cleveland (Garfield Hts.) and usually order online in the middle of the night to reserve what I want. Hope that never happens to you again.

  9. I go to Sunnyside in Cincinnati because their flower tends to be more financially feasible. I don’t know for certain but it seems like the order doesn’t get picked until you check in at the location. Because I already know I will be standing in two lines for a while just to check in, I tend to place my actual order when I first get to the property. Of course I check the website to get an idea of what I want prior to going, but actual order, I place it while in line.

  10. This happened to me I ordered something at 7:00 in the morning for a pickup time at 5:00 to 6:00 at pure Ohio Wellness Dayton location I got a text saying one out of three of the products I ordered they are out of I looked and seen which one it was I said fine that was one I was on the fence about anyways I get there and they said they're out of two things that I ordered it was a 30% sale but this has never happened at that location I expect that from Columbia care Dayton but luckily they were cool and let me choose from other products that were 10 to $15 more expensive and give it to me for the same price as I would have paid for the two that were missing still frustrating if it wasn't the type of medicine I wanted and luckily there was still something available to choose from because I was obviously coming after work and couldn't pass up a sale

  11. I work at a dispensary let me help... When you place the pre order that goes to the dispensary system. Then the employee has to basically replace the order and once that's done your pre order is secure. So if 40 people place pre orders before yours by the time they get to your order they're out of the product. They had it when you "placed" the order but when they "processed" it they were sold out. If we want to change this we need to petition to get bigger/ more grow facilities. The reason there's such little amounts of the good strains in circulation is because they don't have enough room to grow more and spread out large amounts to the 70 some dispensaries in the state. There's only so much orange 43 they can divide up and that's why it sells out so fast. It's good and they have small quantities

  12. Right but making a pre-order is like making a reservation they should take it out of their stock as soon as the pre-order is placed so they don't sell out or otherwise what is the point of taking pre-orders! If it's first come first serve then don't take pre-orders. I've had this happen a couple of times now I place my pre-orders when they open and then wait 20 minutes and then call them to make sure they got my pre-order and that's going to be available for me at the time of pickup. So I don't have to waste my time and my gas.

  13. Right. But electronically the item is reserved in order of orders placed. At least that us how it is at my dispensary

  14. Only time I had an issue was when I reserved something and the girl at the register told me they were starting a sale for that product tomorrow and I'd save 20% if I waited. So I left assuming they would hold it for me until tomorrow. When I came back, it was a different guy and he didn't see a pre-order and the product that I wanted was already gone. I was like, "WTF?" and the dude was like "Yeah sorry, we cancel all pre-orders left at the end of the day." So I got a smaller quantity of something else and left disappointed until I realized that the other dispensary nearby, might have the same product and the same sale. They did!

  15. Maybe if they let us pay for it too at the time some places would hold it? I’ve not had that happen thankfully but if I drove the 45 minutes to closest place and they sold my shit I’d be pissed too. I wish we could do “subscribe and save” like Amazon. 7-8 .84g carts a month at a nice sale price and I’m good to go.

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