Platinum Glue & MAC Airo Cartridges. Idk why they advertise as “Live Flower Series” when it’s distillate. I do love the CBG & Myrcene in these for my stomach disorders though.

  1. I've called them out on calling it live flower but it's not anything different and it was really awkward. Talked to them at an expo and yeah... Idk how more people don't notice this

  2. Man I absolutely love the airopods. Smooth and potent. Way nicer than luster pods in my opinion. These also lasted a lot longer than the luster lasted me. That Platinum Glu is 🔥

  3. I had the Platinum Glue it was great. I am kind of getting tired of luster pods being unreliable. Although I do like them better when they work.

  4. I totally agree. That’s why I always have a cart laying around or with me in case. I’ve had too many problems with luster batteries & the pods, various things going wrong. When they work though, like you said, they are the best. Wish they were more consistent too.

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