Runtz by Rythm Patty Cake x Runtz super colorful really tasty not much of a smell. the effects are nice. long lasting Indica effects. not too heavy something good for the daytime. pretty good flower overall. $22 at the forest

  1. I want to try the black Afghan but I've not seen it anywhere near me I'm definitely interested! Thanks for the heads up all the pictures that you have of it it all looks super nice

  2. Looks pretty good I ve had carts from them before and just saw some flower options pop up looks like I might have to give them a try

  3. From what I've had it's been pretty decent the LA Kush cake was really good this is good and also the Tang it's pretty nice as well! Wasn't overly impressed with the size of the buds for being premium but for the price it was still pretty decent so definitely worth a try.

  4. it is very nice looking when you grind it up it almost looks pink. I've only had three so far and they've all been pretty good I have to say for all the negative talk I see about their flower on here I'm not disappointed with it.

  5. $22 must br nice...I've heard good things about rhythm, but not good enough to risk the $41 a tenth that gleaf wants. 😮‍💨 Their fruity og looks really good too...

  6. Yeah $41 that's crazy! It's not even that much full price here. The main dispensary that I go to they have sales all the time on different brands and then they have a 10% off all flower inventory they have an early bird special and a happy hour and they also stack deals! I would never pay $41 for this that's insanity!!

  7. Go check out my profile if you're curious about a different batch of the same stuff. Much more purple in mine than this one.

  8. Damn that is a nice. Way more colorful than what I have. And mine look like smalls and it was not supposed to be. that sunset sherbert looked pretty nice also what was that like I haven't even seen that a the dispensary.

  9. If I had to describe these Rythm nugs in a nutshell (I've tried just about all of the strains), it would be mid smell, mid nug structure, top-shelf effects. The runtz especially was like that for me and we had the same batch.

  10. I liked it I thought it was really good somebody else on here got a bass that they didn't like said it tasted like seed all the flour I've had from them has been excellent

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