Root Beer Kush from BR

  1. Had this recently from them and would say about the same good overall and maybe a slight flavor that could be described as Rootbeerish lol but overall enjoyed this one too

  2. I love Root Beer so I had to try. I wasn't overwhelmed with aroma when I first opened it. It did open up a bit after grinding . The buds were soft and compressed easily. I did feel like the aftertaste reassembled a hint of Root Beer flavor. I dry vaped on high for 5 minutes. I was impressed with a nice mellow feeling. I feel it behind my eyes, no couch lock or munchies. This is helpful for my PTSD. Sometimes the lower THC strains will fool me.

  3. This and strawberry cheesecake were my two favorite sativa sneak peaks of the Summer. Purple mountain majesty had too much of a crash effect as it wears off.

  4. Saw this on the menu in Jackson thought about making the drive for it since CC and harvest doesn't have this one yet. Also nice on the allbud that is my go to for strain and lineage info.

  5. I liked this one a lot and wish they would get it back in stock. It was a very pleasant Sativa for me. I didn't taste root beer but I liked it :)

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