Thank you, Lighthouse!

  1. So, last week I posted on here about a disposable vape product I had purchased, and within a few hours, lighthouse contacted me, refunded my $, and sent me this awesome swag pack!

  2. It would be nice but as long as there is companies like this I have no worries others will keep on with there bs and others will also do as lighthouse does but let's be honest no1 can or has yet to produce the quality thegly put out every time. I also received this swag pack but mine was for being a loyal customer the stickers are super nice and durable.

  3. At Lighthouse Sciences we pride ourselves in standing by our products and our patients 100%. The only questions we ask are "what went wrong and how can we make it right?". I personally (as the Lab Director) field almost every patient inquiry to ensure that they're handled promptly and professionally, a level of care and attention to patient experience that I am fairly confident not given elsewhere, however it is one of the areas that make us unique.

  4. I have to say though, it was nice. My experience in this program is if you got shorted or got garbage/defective/ broken products, it's a big "fuck you".

  5. They just went above and beyond for me. Best customer service I've had to deal with. Got a 100% refund for a defective disposable vape the other day. I only asked for half and they gave me the full retail amount back even after telling them I got it on sale.

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